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As a school teacher I didn’t feel very satisfied in my life, just going to school in the morning, teaching the things that I’ve taught for years and then coming back home again. Life seemed increasingly boring to me, so I decided that some sort of change in my life would be good and to this end a friend of mine gave me the idea to create website. Since I was completely newcomer to doing anything of this kind I searched the internet for all the necessary info like how to buy a domain, how to get web host but the thing that bugged me the most was the real logistics of how to make a website. Even after intensive searching I was unable to find a definite solution to how to make a website because the create website work was to be done using a website builder software program and there was no single opinion on this so I thought I might have a try out a few of them.

First I tried my hand create website in Microsoft’s FrontPage website builder but my whole experience of how to make a website with that was pretty much a complete waste of my time. I did build a test website using that website builder but the problem was the old design techniques and the difficult process of adding extra modules. I had other technical problems too as I am decidedly not that good at programming and designing as far as the process to create website goes. The website that I made after an effort of some three days was no more than a few lines of centered text and a reasonably colorful background with a single picture. It seemed I was still looking for just the right method of how to make a website.

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Fed up of trying to find out how to make a website that looked really good FrontPage, I continued my search for a better website builder and while going through user reviews I came across a favorable mention of the BlueVoda website builder. The reviewer wrote that he had used BlueVoda to create website even without knowing how to make a website and that the results he had gotten had been first rate. After reading that I suddenly felt that this is something of my type, so I decided to buy this website builder (or at least download a demo) and give it a try but to my surprise this website builder was completely free of cost. Well, what else could I have asked for! I downloaded it in a few seconds as it’s incredibly simple and small in file size to download. I wasted no time in installing it and I was soon using it to create website.

I had no idea that the task of create website using a website builder could be this simple, this small in file size and yet this efficient. After I started using it towards discovering how to make a website, I explored very many of the easy-to-use features it offered, like the way you can simply click once and add a picture to the website. Just by dragging the image you have added you can place it anywhere you want on the webpage you are making. How to make a website with images isn’t limited to just this though; you can add an array of images to your site that scroll across the page using BlueVoda’s inbuilt LightBox feature. Very cool feature. Similarly, the addition of videos and the addition of other modules to extend the functionality of your website can simply be done using just a few mouse clicks. In fact BlueVoda contains all the advanced features that one could possibly need in a good website builder as they create website and surely, well for me at least, then best thing about the BlueVoda website builder is that it works in such a way that even if you don’t have any idea of how to make a website you can still create website that is worth visiting.

In the end I managed to create website that was really stylish using many of the tools and the pre defined designs and now I am a proud owner of a website and as I have managed to discover how to make a website I have also gotten rid of some of the tedium in my life. I enjoy adding to my website and updating it regularly.

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