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I have just finished learning how to build a website with BlueVoda site builder and the finished result is something that I never imagined I could do. If you had told me three weeks ago that I would be able to create website, I would have laughed at you.

I needed to create website so that I can widen my customer base. I am an artist but I could not afford the prices that were given to me by my friend who is a professional site builder. I was very apprehensive about what I was going to do as I did not know how to build a website.

Another friend then suggested that I use BlueVoda site builder to create website. She also told me that I did not have to worry about learning how to build a website as the drag and drop features made it all so simple.

I still was not sure that I could learn how to build a website but decided to give it a go and I downloaded the BlueVoda site builder. I was pleasantly surprised as their website actually has online video tutorials on how to create website.

I read the BlueVoda site builder online tutorials and they made it seem quite simple to discover how to build a website. The tutorials also pointed me in the direction of the BlueVoda forum where I met other users who were learning how to build a website. I started to get excited about create website, once I had seen what other users had done.

create website

I needed three pages when thinking of how to create website; one would be my homepage, I also needed a contact page and anther page to display all my artwork. No knowledge of how to build a website was needed really as the BlueVoda site builder meant I created all the pages within a couple of hours.

Create website is not a worry as the user panel allows you to do everything whether you have little or no knowledge of how to build website. The BlueVoda site builder also has a massive library of templates, logos, headings and backgrounds that you can use.

After I had finished attempting to create website, I needed to make it live on the World Wide Web. The BlueVoda site builder meant that I did not have to mess around with FTP accounts as it was all done with two clicks of my mouse. Learning how to build a website must be one of the easiest things I have done.

The most inviting aspect about using BlueVoda site builder is that I have complete control. If my friend had create website for me, then I would need to ring him every time I wanted to make changes. So not only, did I learn how to build a website but I can carry on learning as new ideas and articles are always appearing on the forum.

Using BlueVoda site builder to create website has really opened my eyes. I also received help from the forum about using SEO to get my site to rank. By learning how to build a website with BlueVoda, I have saved myself thousands of pounds.

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