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I got married recently. However, as it was planned in such a hurry, a lot of my friends and relatives said they wouldn’t be able to make it to the ceremony. How could I let the most special day of my life go by without sharing the moments with all my cousins and friends, especially as I wanted all of them to know in detail how I met John and what it actually feels like to get married? Hence I decided to create website for my wedding onto which I could upload all my wedding pictures and videos so that my friends and acquaintances could feel a part of the special day even if they couldn’t be physically present there.

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I was in no mood to hire someone to create website for the occasion. I was looking for an affordable website builder tool that could show me how to make a website and guide me through the entire create website process in a simple and hassle-free way. However I found I was not being very successful in finding a suitable one. At this point a friend suggested the BlueVoda website builder to me. Apparently she was herself very satisfied with the performance of this software that helps one to create website of their very own.  She told me how this effective website builder had shown her how to make a website in an extremely fast and inexpensive way. I took her suggestion and decided to try out this website builder for making my wedding website. I was determined to learn how to make a website on my own. Soon I downloaded the website builder from the internet, installed it on my notebook and started exploring the secrets of how to make a website. The thing that amazed me most and at the same time put my anxiety to rest was the fact that to create website with this website builder I didn’t need any inner-computer knowledge as such. I was relieved at last that with just a few days left for my wedding I could now finish making the site within the right time frame.

While learning how to make a website I learned a number of interesting things. The most important thing that the BlueVoda create website tool taught me was how to make a website avoiding all the technical complexities of the various web technologies and coding using simply the drag and drop facility of this website builder. I learned how to use this website builder and create website with a professional edge right from scratch, right from the blank white workspace. I also learned how to make a website at a super fast pace with no risk at all as this is a completely safe create website tool with no security threats. John was so glad to see me use this drag and drop website builder with ease to create website that was beautiful and had unique features, flash effects and videos. I could do all this even though at the beginning I had no idea how to make a website, nor did I know what html was. Thanks to the unique side-bar tools of the unique BlueVoda how to make a website tool I could even use embedded light boxes on my site which was an overwhelming achievement for me. Additionally the one-click publishing feature of this “create website” software makes it even more unique.

Both John and I wish to thank the BlueVoda website builder wholeheartedly as it has learn how to make a website as well as develop one of the most amazing sites to celebrate our wedding and cherish those evergreen moments with our friends and relatives forever. Thank you very much BlueVoda website builder.

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