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The Internet seems to be loaded with countless html editors and website builders all of which claim to be the most perfect tool for the purpose of how to make a website. Hence in the first instance, trying to select a quality website builder or html editor might be a little more than confusing, especially for people like me who have no idea of how to create website.
I am a florist and run my own flower boutique in downtown Florida. When I first thought of launching my own website and expanding the dimension of my business, I had no idea of how to make a website or what it takes to create website. Once online my prime concern was that I did not know anything about website making and also that I had a very limited budget. So the idea of designing my first website was absolutely intimidating. As I was looking for an affordable website designing service to create website, fortunately I came across BlueVoda which is an awesome and free of cost html editor, using which I made the most professional online florist site on my own all for free!  I still can’t believe it that I created my own website all by myself, and when I told my sis about it, she too was amazed.

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With BlueVoda website builder, I learned how to make a website in not more than 5 minutes and my site was ready in not more than an hour. Like always, I doubted this product too, more so because it was FREE but I am glad that I was wrong. I thought why not download and check, I have nothing to lose. The moment I downloaded this drag & drop, point & click html editor, I was hooked on to it. I learned how to make a website using this tool in minutes. It was so easy and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of making my site.
BlueVoda is an entirely user-friendly create website tool WHICH IS just perfect for beginners who have no idea of how to create website or use an html editor. In fact for all those of you who are searching for a simple html editor to create website, this solution to how to make a website is an excellent choice.
The quality of this html editor is great and with the varied customization options, it allows you to create website that looks professional and nice. Moreover, this website builder / html editor doesn’t need you to have any prior knowledge of HTML or programming. I was quite keen on how to make a website without paying much and BlueVoda helped me do just that. With BlueVoda anyone can learn how to make a website.
Since I run a florist shop, I wanted to have a website that uses vibrant backgrounds. An added advantage with the BlueVoda html editor is that it also gave me create website logo templates along with background and web template options. As of now I have just built a simple site but I will soon implement a shopping cart too with the help of ready to use e-commerce functionality. Even my 14 year old son learned how to make a website using this html editor in a day. The best part is that it allows you to create countless sites that you can publish in seconds, no FTP software’s needed. BlueVoda web hosting solution is also perfect. I did not have to look for a web hosting solution, as BlueVoda had it all ready at absolutely affordable price.
The fact that the BlueVoda create website software tells you how to make a website with an absolutely professional look, without having to give hundreds and thousands of dollars to a designer, makes it a perfectly suitable html editor for humble entrepreneurs like me thinking of having a web presence. So if you want to create website, you MUST try BlueVoda. I am a great fan of this website builder.

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