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Douglas owns a small music store that sells unique instruments and sheet music. He is well known in his city for his great customer service and attention to detail. Douglas wants to create website, but is worried that he will not be able to provide the customer attention his customers are accustomed to. He also wants to be involved as possible with the development of his website. It is important to him that he create website that appeals to his customer niche and offers the best customer support. Douglas does his research and finds the BlueVoda website builder to be his best option. He is able to work the software comfortably and realizes he will be able to create website exactly as he wants it by doing it himself. Douglas builds his site and includes music and sheet music downloads, java script to interactively display photos of his instruments, a shopping cart and customized customer support and contact forms. Everything is laid out as he envisioned and the website maintains an efficient level of customer support. Douglas is thrilled with the results, the price, and the ability to manage the website on his own. He uses his VodaHost web hosting account to get his site live on the internet and adds his new website address to all his company documents. His customers now able to communicate with him and shop his store, without having to actually drive down to his side of town. Instead of creating distance between himself and his customers, Douglas designed a way to reach more of them faster. His sales have increased and his customer support has become also possible via his new support forms and email addresses. BlueVoda and VodaHost gave him all the flexibility and tools he needed to create website that led to success his way!

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