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I first came across BlueVoda website maker when I was struggling to make it as an artist. Before I was introduced to BlueVoda website maker, I had no knowledge of how to build website. It was not until a fellow artist told me that she had sold a painting to someone in another country that I decided I must look into how to create website, if I was going to be successful and sell paintings. I wanted to create website so that I too, could sell paintings in other countries.

She had paid a website maker 1500 dollars to build website for her, but I was on a budget and could not afford that. Another friend suggested to me, to use BlueVoda website maker and said I could create website that would be of the same quality and all for free. It seemed too good to be true but I decided to download the BlueVoda create website software anyway.

It took just one hour for the create website software to be loaded to my desktop. In the time that I was waiting, I read the create website tutorials and watched the videos on the BlueVoda website of how to build website. I also ended up in the community forum and got quite a few ideas from other people who had create website with BlueVoda website maker.

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So I was ready to start to build website and at this stage was feeling quite confident. If the tutorials and forum were anything to go by, it would be quite easy to create website by using the drag and drop system in the BlueVoda website maker software. There was a large stock of free templates and logos that you could use to build website, so I started from there, then I changed the font color and size on my header.

I was really excited though, because I found out that with BlueVoda website maker software, you could add an unlimited amount of images. This was perfect as I took pictures of all my works of art and uploaded them. This took up a few pages, but that was not a problem either as there is unlimited pages allowed with BlueVoda website maker software.

Within one day, I had built a ten page website by using the BlueVoda create website software. The most apprehensive time was when it came to make my site live on the world-wide web. I had read all about FTP accounts and could not understand them. What happened if my work was deleted or I uploaded it wrong and caused my account to freeze? It turned out I was worrying over nothing.

I had bought a BlueVoda hosting account and simply followed the instructions on how to make my site live. All it took was three clicks. Not only had I found free build website software, but I had also found a hosting account that was easy to manage. The greatest thing about create website with BlueVoda build website software, is that any time I want to change my site, I simply go back into my panel and make the changes.

My fellow artist who had paid someone 1500 dollars to build website, had to ring the website maker every-time she wanted to make changes and the website maker charged her for his time. BlueVoda build website software is perfect for novices or experienced internet warriors. They have free logos and templates, unlimited pages and images as well as an in-house support system on how to build website. It could not be easier.

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