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As a young, freelance film-maker, Alyson had finally decided to create website because she delighted at the chance of real exposure for her film work of which she is always very proud. Her dream, before she discovered the BlueVoda website builder, was to make a website where anyone and everyone could watch her films regardless of where they were in the world. Alyson makes documentaries that focus on political issues that affect the everyday life of her town and while she sometimes finds the film-making game taxing, she gets the greatest enjoyment from her work when it is being seen by others. Good constructive feedback always elates her; to create website would absolutely ensure her maximum enjoyment from her work. She feels hers is really important work to which she wanted to make a website and while she had used YouTube in the past it was never the ideal medium for her work as her films were generally longer than 10 minutes and she had always hoped to escape YouTube and make a website for herself. The only problem with this was that, at the time, she had no idea how to make a website. Not until she began using the BlueVoda website builder, which to create website for her films.

Working with digital media was always good for Alyson, because it was completely manageable from her home and she could spend a lot of time fine tuning it; making it perfect. The same applied as she used the BlueVoda website builder to create website. She could work with the BlueVoda website builder at her convenience and because it was not an online make a website tool, she could keep working to create website, even when the internet was down for a few days.

Alyson found that using the free BlueVoda website builder was just what she needed to make a website; especially because of the all the videos she would have to host on her site and the BlueVoda website builder had all the features to let her create website with ease. Just select where on the page the video would live and a few clicks later there it was, embedded in the page. She could work with multiple formats with the BlueVoda website builder too. She found that to create website for her films, it was all very straightforward and easy to do.

She found the BlueVoda website builder was extremely easy to use to make a website and keep the website regularly updated as the website she was creating grew in size. Thankfully it didn’t at any point require her to go off learning anything she might not have really had time to understand. She found that working with the free BlueVoda website builder templates was the best way to start out to make a website and picked the one she liked best and began tweaking.

Ultimately, the best thing about the whole process to create website for Alyson is that she’s proud of the website she made with the BlueVoda website builder. Her site now attracts quite a lot of interest from her viewers who are always happy to comment usually in the positive on her works as well as add their thoughts about. She’s even been able to make a little money from her works with a PayPal donate button on her site.

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