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I am a sports instructor and I work at a local school. I have been looking to create website for some time now; one which will showcase all the upcoming sports events and various coaching news that goes on. I had a very limited budget to create website with and I did not know how to make a website. So I set out in search of a company to create website for me and was highly disappointed when I could not locate one that suited my needs, specifically my budget. At that point of time, I started to search on the internet (as one does) to find a cheaper option. It was here that I learned of the BlueVoda website builder. It was a very effective and affordable option for me, it seemed useful as I would learn how to make a website myself and I found I could create website myself with the BlueVoda website builder which would suit my requirements.

I downloaded the BlueVoda website builder installer, which was really small in size and easy to use, along with the create website templates of my choice. To get started learning how to make a website and to create website, I went through the video and prose tutorials of the BlueVoda website builder that I might learn in a straight forward way how to make a website. The tutorials were as easy as one could hope for. It taught me everything about how to make a website from the template selection right through to the page linking. I got entrenched in and so absorbed by discovering how to make a website with the BlueVoda website builder so much that I just could not stop myself from working on it and I got the home page of my website completed in about 7 hours. The BlueVoda website builder had made the create website process so, so easy.

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I have included the school’s sporting calendar, the training program as well as the targets we wanted to achieve on the homepage and all with extreme ease. With the BlueVoda website builder everything is just a drag and drop into your webpage. I was able to align all its parts in a professional way without any sort of real confusion. In this, the how to make a website tutorials were of great help to me as I worked on my create website project, as I was able to grasp them with out any discomfort. Further help that I got from the BlueVoda website builder was that I was able to make different email ids for the various concerned authorities. With these email IDs, I could inform the authorities about the upcoming sports events without any discomfort.

Another thing that I loved about this website builder was that I was able to learn how to make a website, create website as well as host it without wandering here and there all over the internet, taking up different accounts. Now, as time goes by and as the number of pages of my website is increasing, I am having no difficulty in arranging and linking them. I am easily able to edit them in the offline mode as the software works well in to create website in the offline mode. I don’t need to go online and wait for all the pages to load online to get on with how to make a website. Now in the meantime I have shown-off the BlueVoda website builder to the other members in my staff and slowly they have also started to work with it. Having now learned how to make a website they are helping add to my website and helping me maintaining the website in a great way.

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