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My business friends have been using the internet for their businesses. Some of them are from a computer software background and it was quite easy for them to create website for their business. I am an insurance agent and have been using company’s website for few years to register my business with the company. I know to operate the insurance company’s website as I was giving training in that by my company, but when my client of many years inquired why I was not using the internet for my insurance business, I told him I did not know how to build website since I am not in any way a qualified computer professional. He told me to contact a website maker to create website for me. I inquired about the money I’d need to spend to build website with the help of website maker. I was not sure which website maker would be able to build website in the most affordable manner as there were thousands of people on internet providing such create website services.

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As I knew very little about the technicalities involved in how to build website, I was in total confusion. It felt appropriate to contact one of my clients who had a computer software background to figure out the best website maker to create website for me. He was quick to suggest to me the name of BlueVoda, a website maker I could use for my project – how to build website. Before I could explain to him about my total ignorance about how to create website, he added that everything I needed could be found on the BlueVoda website. Reluctantly I visited BlueVoda, the website maker, at its official site.  As I navigated through BlueVoda website I was shown in a very easy way through the tutorials how to create website with a help of this website maker tool from BlueVoda. As I went through the tutorials on how to build website, my confidence grew. Things became clear and easy for my journey of exploration towards. how to create website. These user friendly, easy to understand and implement tutorials on how to build website explained every detail of using this website maker tool from BlueVoda. Fully equipped with knowledge of how to use the website maker tool, I downloaded the program from BlueVoda and that too free of cost. In no time I, without any professional training on how to build website was making my website almost effortlessly.

The people at BlueVoda, seem to have taken all the aspects into consideration of working with non-technical persons. The actual procedure to create website is written in the most normal manner. The website builder tool assists people in need to build website and they can quite literally be anyone.  I got my insurance website up with the aid of create website tool. From the day I build website, I am able to give better service to my clients. My clients started using the internet to get in touch with me and now I am able to develop closer relationships with my customers.  I have been telling all the BlueVoda create website tool and I have been using my website to give professional touch to my services. If someone asks me how to build website, even now I have one answer only – can be done the BlueVoda website maker way.

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