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Kelly is a local hairdresser who is now experiencing the rush of all time to her salon. This was certainly not the case earlier in the year. Kelly is now so busy that her customers need to make appointments before even considering visiting her. She attributes this sudden boost in her hair salon to the BlueVoda website builder that helped her to create website for her salon in just a few very simple steps.

Kelly was surfing the internet one day and realized that the yellow pages is now pretty outdated as most people look for classifieds over the internet. She then thought of creating a web presence for herself but just did not know how to go about it. She didn’t know anything about how to create website. Then, a friend of hers mentioned the BlueVoda website builder tool that could be downloaded for free and would really make the difference between her being able to create website and not being able to.

Kelly welcomed this idea with great enthusiasm, downloaded BlueVoda and created a beautiful and colorful website with the website builder. She got it hosted on the internet and just waited for the response from the world. She put her regular customers to good use too, getting them to spread a little word of mouth about her new website. Almost to her surprise, her credibility increased many fold and she started getting more and more customers. She is grateful to the BlueVoda website builder for this; she’d never have managed to create website without it.

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When she had sat to work on it, she had a vague plan about what her website would look like and the BlueVoda website builder tool was ideal to show-off the creativity she possessed. She used the website builder to include many features into her website adding a section featuring the pictures of people after and before her makeovers and allowed users to comment on them. She is very happy with the responses her website is getting.

While going through the guide to create website, she noticed that adding pictures, videos and audio could make it more attractive. She decided to add a section of hair styling tips, which features her own style shop videos. Her new customers are now very well informed of her skills before they come to her to get their hair styled.

She added a fun section where users could upload their pictures and check out various hair styles that they might pick the best one for them. She had never imagined it would be such a great experience to create website. Her friends and family members were amazed when they realized Kelly had learnt to create website, completely on her own, in just a few weeks. For her it was a fun task to create website using the BlueVoda website builder.

The BlueVoda website builder also allows the users to add a PayPal feature. It is used to secure payments from the users of the service through online banking. Kelly will soon be adding this feature in her website to make periodical payments more convenient for her regular customers. Her income has at least tripled since she turned her attention to create website.

Kelly is thoroughly enjoying her web presence and her customers have even created a fan page for her in few of the social networking sites. A good website builder was all that she had needed. Besides hair styling tips, some people also come to her asking for tips on how to create website for their businesses. She does not have to say much except “try the BlueVoda website builder and you’ll be able to do anything”.

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