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I am a home-maker and have been interested in cooking for a long time and have developed new combination of recipes and cooking styles incorporating both Eastern and Western cuisine. It’s not an easy thing; I’ve to take care of the home, children and have a lot of work and little of time which I devote to my hobby. I have arrived at the point where I have developed innovative time saving recipes and styles. I wished to share this with people all over the world but how to do this? The internet seemed the best way and a website that could be seen by people all across the world was something that appealed to me but how to make a website? Who to approach to create a website for me? I wondered if there was a website builder who would do what I asked for and not charge the Earth. I was in a quandary.

My knowledge of computers was limited to word processing, some photo editing, spreadsheet and the like. I had no knowledge of HTML, Java, PHP or ASP. Computer savvy friends told me this is what I need to be skilled in to create an effective website. No thank you. I have no time or inclination to learn all these.  ‘You want to learn how to make a website? Why don’t you just go to a website builder pro and get him to create website for you?” is what they all said. Website builder professionals are expensive and to create website using their services was too expensive for me. So I got onto the net and did some searches on how to make a website and using website builder package to create website all by oneself.

In the end it boiled down to this: use a commercial website builder software having a what you see is what you get interface (WYSIWYG) costing a lot to create website; get a person to create website for you; learn how to make a website through educational institute OR simply use a fine software like BlueVoda. It was claimed to be free, very useful friendly, has a host of features. Now I know how to make a website!

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My requirement was simple. I had recipes which I wanted to display on the web. I wanted them categorized nicely. I also wanted a forum on my website where visitors could express their views and even post recipes of their own. I planned to build an online community through my website.

So for some days I was immersed in the included tutorials with BlueVoda. Using BlueVoda to create website was a breeze after that. If you ask me how to make a website I would say: simply use BlueVoda. It gets 90% of the work done and the rest does not matter much! The tutorials on how to make a website are simple to understand and easy to follow.

When I opened up BlueVoda after installing it I was impressed by its simplicity of its layout and using everything was so easy and intuitive. I could simply drag and drop in text and images and position them anywhere on the page, anyway I liked. I could even go back and edit them later on. How to make a website never seemed easier! For me it is the website builder to create website that will project my image and my work to the world. It did take a little bit of work using this nifty website builder to create website but in the end I created pages I was proud of. They looked just the way I had visualized and imagined they should look. This is the power of BlueVoda and in a way it was like cooking itself. Ingredients are on the platform in front of you, mix and match and lay out to perfection!

Today I receive mail from my website visitors. I even got started on affiliate marketing and Google’s ad programs which gets me revenues through ad displays on my site. Yes this is possible with BlueVoda website builder which shows you how to make a website and generate revenues too.  I update my site, modifying pages, adding newer recipes and sections all using the excellent BlueVoda to create website that stay updated all the time.

I am not technically inclined. I do not have the time or energy to learn new programming skills. I simply wanted a website builder software that would realize my visualization and create a website for me. I found it in BlueVoda-the perfect software.

If you are wondering how to make a website using a website builder that will create website the way you visualize it. I have used BlueVoda and recommend it heartily, especially to non-geeks whose knowledge of computers is limited. The results are professional and website is up and running in a jiffy.

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