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Being a newbie on how to create website, I never imagined that I would be able to actually build a website on my own, from scratch. Good thing I had found a reliable website builder that could help me create website with just a few clicks of a mouse. I am no expert and I only knew basic computer programs but when I stumbled upon the website builder BlueVoda, I realized that I didn’t need to be a computer savvy to create website within hours.

A friend of mine introduced me to BlueVoda and he was the one who told me to try it out since I didn’t know anything about building a website by myself. I was skeptical at first but he was ecstatic in explaining how this website creator helped him create website in just a few days.

Since I had to design ads for the website of my business, I needed an efficient website builder that could help me advertise without spending too much and good enough, the website builder helped me create website for my small business. After signing up and downloading the software, I was able to create website easily. Surprisingly, the installation was fast and the entire process was easier than I thought. All I had to do was to click and drag items and voila, my website was already done.

Aside from its useful capability, this website builder can also help in answering your queries on how to create website. My aim was just to design my own website but with BlueVoda, I was able to do more. BlueVoda had pre-designed logos, website templates and backgrounds that are essential in creating business advertisements that are interesting and informative.

The website builder lets you customize everything for you. You could create website easily since you didn’t need to know all about HTML and all those complicated stuff about setting a website. As long as you know the basics, you’re good to go and since the website builder also provided video tutorials, you would be guided all throughout the process.

The website builder also includes a drag and drop feature, which makes things even better. Furthermore, they have a forum for users and newbies where everyone can ask questions and get answers about things on how to create website. You can also offer help and tips to other users and express your thoughts about your experience in using the website builder.

With this website builder, I didn’t need to spend a lot of money just to get a professional web developer to create website for my small business. Why hire someone else when I can do it on my own, right? Aside from being able to create website ads, I also learned a lot while using the website builder. Since it provides different useful features and functions, you can take advantage of all its perks. You can practice creating websites to improve the design of your own site.

Probably the best thing I love about the website builder is that it’s free of charge. It is user friendly and free so anybody can do just about anything to create website. I was also able to learn about making gift certificates, coupons, email configuration, secure check in as well as checkout systems, password protect pages, store access and many other add-on features. Their video tutorials have thorough contents about the process of adding pictures, videos and banners as well as using WordPress, Ecommerce, PayPal, cPanel and more.

It is important to note that there are design features that are available through their hosting service, VodaHost. Yeah, it is not free but with a small amount compared to others, it is worth it especially if you really need to utilize FTP Blue features. It also included shopping cart integration, embedded videos, e-commerce features and more. You can also easily customize the text color, size and style when designing your own website.

Another great thing about this website builder is that you don’t have to worry about malware, adware, spyware and other dangerous stuff that can harm your system. You can create website with this website builder without exposing yourself to malicious viruses, which is vital in every website owner.

I’m thankful to this website builder because my efforts to create website have been productive. Now, my business is thriving the way I dreamed it would because of its simple process to create website.

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