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Designing websites had always been a pain in the backside for me. In the beginning to create website, I started out without any coding experience, and I still didn’t have any, but I know enough to be able to use the WYSIWYG editors and at least basic HTML knowledge to fiddle with the layout on a superficial level. But for the most part, I have relied mostly on novice-friendly website makers to create website.

The main problem I had is that most website developers I have encountered in the past to create website are either a) expensive or b) too complicated to use. I never found the ideal middle ground until one day I came across the website builder BlueVoda. I came across this website builder because I signed up for a VodaHost account. Everyone who gets a hosting plan from VodaHost gets free unlimited access to the BlueVoda website building tool, which means it’s basically free in my case.

As mentioned above, I primarily rely on drag-and-drop interfaces because I lack coding skills to create website, and in this regard, this website builder is great. It’s not that difficult to use to create website, to the point that if you are able to use most windows programs, you will be able to acclimate yourself with the website builder within an hour just by testing which buttons do which actions and of course consulting with the tutorials a little bit.

Speaking of tutorials to create website; the website builder should also be commended for having a great tutorial and great customer support – by virtue of the program being tied to VodaHost. It’s safe to assume that VodaHost customer support infrastructure is also used to give support to users of BlueVoda. And that’s the part where the buck stops. Along the way you can also get help from various tutorials online to create website and with the great community that has been built around VodaHost. With this website builder, you’ll never be completely lost because help is just a few mouse clicks away at all times.

Feature-wise, the website builder might not be able to hang with the most expensive website development suites out there, which is fine because it is not meant to compete with those professional suites. For the average website owner, this website builder offers enough features that can help create website efficiently, with a few bells and whistles on the side.

For instance, this website builder supports responsive themes. This is a must these days due to the sheer number of internet capable devices that people use, each one having a different sized screen. With responsive themes support, you will be able to create website that looks consistent no matter who is viewing it and no matter what is being used to view it.

The website builder also has built in site analytics support so you’ll be well on your way to tracking your website’s progress and success – it’s pretty great for budding online entrepreneurs who want traffic data on their visitors. This ties in with its support for widgets and advanced tools, at least enough that I was able to add PayPal donate buttons and shopping carts to my websites without much effort. It basically got enough features for people who want to create website and set up a business online.

While I don’t necessarily have problems coming up with designs, there are times when I hit a roadblock and can’t come up with something new and beautiful to create website, but this website builder comes through because it comes with numerous ready to use website templates. While most of them are pretty basic, they serve as great starting points to create website. I just edit them and tweak a few things here and there, and I get a brand new professional-looking website again. I bet this website builder is going to be really popular for novices who can’t be bothered with visual design or don’t have a knack for aesthetics to create website.

I don’t think I’m qualified to talk about code stability and program optimizations to create website, but I never had any problems with how responsive this website builder is. It loads fast and runs fast, and I have never once encountered a program crash or freeze. This is opposite my experience with the legacy FrontPage, which frequently crashed and had error out on Windows 10.

Finally, we get to the price. As I have mentioned above, this website builder is technically free but you need to have a VodaHost account. So for most people, its price is equivalent to a VodaHost account which is affordable so it’s not too much of a problem, plus you get a decent hosting account as a bonus. For completely novice users who have practically nothing set up yet but want to know how to create website, this is essentially free because they need to get a hosting account anyway, so why not get one from VodaHost and then get access to the website builder as a bonus. In either of the two cases, BlueVoda is completely worth it and very easy to recommend.

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