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When I visited my doctor he pointed out that I was not following a diet routine and was not doing anything for body fitness due to eating habits and living style, I was not keeping. Being a housewife, after taking care of my growing children no time was left for physical exercise. But my doctor stressed that no excuse will help me. I had to essentially take a walk of few miles and follow regular diet to keep fit otherwise dire consequences in terms of health will be faced by me. I became regular in my routine and started taking morning walk. In a bid to keep highest level of fitness, I started reading all about diet and exercise. As my knowledge increased, I could get better results. A stage was reached when I felt I should share the information obtained with others so that I could pay back to the society. I thought of using internet, the strongest present day media. But to get online, website creation needs to be done. Since I did not know how to design website, I am not a trained website builder, my first hurdle was website creation. One of my computer savvy friends suggested me to explore various methods of website creation on internet. As I had used internet extensively for getting updated with latest information on weight control and balanced diet, I could go through search engine to find ways to design website. One way was to hire website creation expert for the job where I had to shell out hundreds of dollars. Another way was to use professional website builder online tools without spending any money. The first website builder I thought of trying to design website was BlueVoda. Today I have no hesitation to say that BlueVoda, the website builder didn’t give me a chance to try another for website creation. BlueVoda provided me with an online design website tool that is very easy to use. Along with the tool, BlueVoda, the website builder also provides tutorials on how to use design website tool. These tutorials on website creation give step by step procedure in simple language on using of online design website tool from BlueVoda, the website builder. I kept on using design website tool from BlueVoda, the website builder, for website creation just by going through the tutorials. In very short time I had done website creation with the aid of design website tool from BlueVoda, the website builder. The accomplishment of the task – website creation was so easy that I simply had to put in the contents that I needed to share with others; all the rest was simply clicking the computer mouse. In the end I was astonished to find that website creation is done by me. The developers of design website tool at BlueVoda had made me website builder. I have been sharing my ideas on weight control through my website and in the process earning few thousands of dollars every month from weight loss product’s advertising. If you are to design website on your own then BlueVoda, the website builder is the right way.

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