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How to build a website? This question would bother me a lot. Unaware of website builder or website design tools, I agree that there are many self-help books on how to build a website but not all of them are worth their price tags. Then, how to build a website without spending a lot of money on website builder or website design tools? I owned a small lottery shop, and business was smooth, not great though. Now the world of gambling and lottery, they say, is quite profitable. My friends even told me that Google places ads on such websites and the website earns every time a person clicks on such ads.

This made me think of creating a website design using some website builder. I had some knowledge pertaining to website design and automated website builder. However, I did not entirely know how to build a website. Hence, my main concern was how to build a website. I visited online forums to know about three things- website design, website builder, and how to build a website. I also interacted with website design experts to understand how to build a website. However, everyone proposed that a good website design would be a costly affair. I started thinking of alternate ways to create website design.

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Redirected from some online forum talking about how to build a website, I saw the website of the BlueVoda website builder. What made me think that this website builder might not be a scam is that it had an amazingly simple demo that explained how to build a website. I also searched for users of the BlueVoda to seek honest reviews. Everyone gave me positive remarks about this website builder. Finally I decided to purchase this website builder to create my unique website design to kick start my lottery business.

I created a nice-looking website design using the BlueVoda website builder in around 2 hours. Absence of technical jargon in the demo helped me understand how to build a website easily. The best thing was that it did not burden me with the need to learn HTML coding, or some other geek-language. Talking about the feature of BlueVoda, the drag-and –drop functionality was simply superb. I could choose from a number of pre-designed web templates for my website. While using BlueVoda, an idea struck my mind. I bought an online game system and integrated it with my website using BlueVoda. I also added a shopping cart to my website. The more I used BlueVoda, the better designer I became. Today, I have a successful online business with almost 100 clients. Every single day, more than 200 people visit my website and either generate business for me, or just leave some comment.

In my view, BlueVoda is an amazing tool that can simplify the process of website designing. It makes website creation easy for even those people who do not belong to the tech-world. After all, one need not be a programmer or web designer to succeed in the field of online business, isn’t that true?

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