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I’ve had a local business for a number of years. Friends have told me I needed a website but the costs to create a website have always prevented me from doing so. When I’ve gotten quotes in the past, website designers were going to charge me thousands of dollars to create a website. My business is doing well, but it’s not doing that well, so I kept putting it off.

Finally I stumbled onto BlueVoda website builder and it’s changed the dynamic of my business considerably. This is a full-service website builder that walked me through every step. I’m not a very computer savvy person, yet I was able to create a website in about half a day. The site walked me through everything I needed to do and before I knew it, I had a fully operational website.

One of the first things that impressed me about this website builder is there were tutorials about virtually everything. I’m an extremely visual person, so the fact I could play a video to watch how to create a website was fantastic. There are tutorial videos on every single aspect of building the website.  When I needed to know how to create a new page, implement a background and add a few website headers, the videos walked me through the necessary steps.

I knew how I wanted to create a website before I found a website builder. When I got onto BlueVoda, I was shocked to see so many different website templates to choose from. As I scrolled through the hundreds of free templates, I found just what I was looking for. This served as the main piece of my website.

From there, I was able to upload my logo as well as several photos of my business that I wanted to use to create a website. Once they were in the website builder, it was easy to create a website I was proud of. Everything was drag and drop, which made it very helpful. Other website builder tools I’d seen online wanted me to use HTML, which looks like a completely foreign language to me.

Another aspect of the BlueVoda website builder that I really liked was the fact I could create a website with as many pages as I wanted. I currently have ten pages to my website, but as my business expands, my website can expand, too. This makes it easier for me to go back on when I want to create another page for another service without having to recreate the wheel each time. The template simply carries forward, making it very simple for me.

There was a few times where I didn’t know what to do with the website builder. While most people with a lot of internet experience could have probably figured it out, I was stumped. To create a website was a huge undertaking for me, yet BlueVoda’s customer support was very patient. They walked me through a few different steps until I got the hang of it. After talking to other business owners who have used another website builder, they told me how rare it is to get a customer service agent who will help to create a website.

I’ve seen the result of other companies’ website builder tools. The websites are filled with adware looming at the bottom, making the website look cheap. My website has been up and running for several months and I couldn’t be happier with it. To create a website was easy but to look at it and not see a bunch of cheesy ad campaigns that I can’t control is even better.

I never thought that I could create a website on my own. However, when you have the right website builder, anything is possible. This is the only website builder I would ever recommend to anyone because of how easy it is to use and how much creative power it gives you. If I’d hired website designers and they would have charged me thousands of dollars for something I spent half a day doing for free.

My time is worth a lot, but it was much more cost effective for me to handle a website builder and create a website than to pay someone else to create a website.

If I can create a website in under a day, anyone can do it. The BlueVoda website builder has made it possible for me to have a great looking website for my business. Since I’ve published my site, I’ve gotten more business than ever before – and I have the BlueVoda website builder to thank for it.

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