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I needed a website to showcase my travel photographs. I got in contact with a professional site builder and asked him to create website for me. However his costs were so high and I just could not afford them. A fellow traveler then suggested that I learned how to build a website myself.

The advantages of this were explained to me, and in the long run I would save a lot of money. Through researching the Internet, I discovered that by using site builder software, it was possible to learn how to build a website and then I could go onto create website for myself.

I downloaded lots of site builder software however was not impressed with most of them. Even though I wanted to cut costs when it come to create website, that did not mean that I wanted my site to be hit with constant adverts. I was beginning to think that learning how to build a website was not going to be as easy as I thought it was.

It was then that I opened the BlueVoda site builder software. The user panel seemed easy to create website with, as it was in a drag and drop system. They also had a wide range of tutorials on how to build a website. These were in video form and could be played while building.

I already had a brief outline on how I wanted to create website and by reviewing the how to build a website tutorials, I learned that my photos could be showcased in a professional, modern way. The BlueVoda site builder software enabled me to build a separate web page for each country that I had visited.

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I also took advantage of the create website library which held hundreds of free templates, logos, headings and backgrounds. Learning how to build a website was turning out to be so easy with BlueVoda site builder software.

Once I had finished, I sat back and admired the site that I had made with BlueVoda site builder software. I was still apprehensive about publishing it because it just seemed that it had been so easy to create website. Even though I was learning how to build a website, I never thought it would be that easy.

I headed off to the BlueVoda site builder forum to meet others who were learning how to build a website. I wanted them to see the results of what I had made when learning how to create website.

Everyone at the BlueVoda create website forum gave my site the thumbs up and I was also able to see other sites made by people who were learning how to build a website. It seems that a professional site builder is not always needed if you want to get onto the World Wide Web.

I published my site to the Internet and today get over 1000 hits a week. Not bad for someone who six months ago did not know how to create website. I learned how to build a website with BlueVoda site builder software and recommend to everyone to use it if you want to be found on the World Wide Web.

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