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My business is in affiliate marketing and I have many websites from which I make my bread and butter. Many people assume that I paid a webmaster to create website for me, or they assume that I have a good knowledge of html and I know the ins-and-outs of how to make a website.

The truth is I have never paid anyone to create website for me and I never knew how to make a website until not too long ago. I simply use a tool on the market which is easy, simple and completely free. It is called the BlueVoda website builder and I have learnt how to make a website by using it.

I came across the BlueVoda website builder completely by accident. I was just getting set-up in affiliate marketing and I knew I needed to create website but the quotes given to me by webmasters were running into the thousands of dollars. I was looking for a cheap website builder that could create website with just the same quality and features of one that would have been created by a webmaster. Never in a million years could I have dreamed of learning how to make a website from html, as this would have been like learning another language.

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I had downloaded another website builder but it had only very basic features and any final website that was created with it, would always be cluttered by its adverts. I started to wonder if leaning how to make a website would have to be done the hard way. I came across BlueVoda and downloaded it, half expecting it to be very much the same as the first but at my first glance, I could tell this website builder was different. I’m still suspicious to this day if other webmasters use BlueVoda to create website and then claim they built it themselves from scratch. It finally looked like learning how to make a website could be done an easier way.

Starting off with a blank page, I was able to use the templates provided with the BlueVoda website builder to put together a background, logo, banner and menu bar. The templates they have allow you to create website which is basic and then from there you add features and make changes to your fonts, colors, pictures etc as you need. You don’t have to know or learn how to make a website from scratch and BlueVoda website builder lets you create website with no prior website making knowledge at all.

The BlueVoda website builder actually helps you to learn a lot of useful tricks as well. If you read the on-site support tutorials on how to create website, they teach you how to name all your web pages and upload them to a hosting account. If you want to add contact pages or guest books later then that is straight forward and easy. The amount of things you can do when learning how to make a website are just phenomenal.

There are ready-made templates for you to use as well that you can upload and then move straight on to modifying them. Overall, depending on the type of website you want to build, you could have it up and running in less than a day. My fully featured websites have been built in a maximum time of just less than three days.

If you are just learning how to make a website then you should definitely use the BlueVoda website builder forum. On here, you can chat with other people who are using BlueVoda website builder and I learned from a lot of the experienced users and was also able to see the type of other websites people were creating with BlueVoda.

For anyone out there who hasn’t a clue about how to make a website, then I say don’t bother learning html as that could take you months. Just download BlueVoda create website program and be up and running on the world-wide web in days or even hours. You’ll be able to create website that you’ll have total control over without having to run to a webmaster every two minutes.

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