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The internet is one of the strongest marketing mediums today, as an increasing number of people look for products and services using the internet. No matter if you run a plumbing service, a university, a hospital or a tutorial service, the internet is the best way to advertise your services.

However to advertise your business, you need to first create a website. Even if you use online directories to submit information about your services, you need a website as you have to create a link to your website in these online directory submissions.

It is definitely not easy for a novice to create a website. I found out the hard way. I thought I’d learn some HTML and some programming language, thinking that I could create a website once I’m through. So I joined a crash course, and completed it with good grades. However when I started to create a website I found out it’s not so easy putting everything I’d learnt into a practice.

I tried rather hard, and after a few days’ time, I admit I gave up. However I still wanted to create a website for my tailoring services. So I started asking my friends for help to create a website. This was when one of my friends suggested I try using a website builder to create a website.

So I started using the internet to find some website builders to try to create a website. However to my dismay, most of them require some programming knowledge to create a website. Finally I found an interesting website builder, BlueVoda, which seemed rather user-friendly and easy to create a website.

A visit to the website builder’s website showed me that there was no need of any programming language to create a website. I just had to download the website builder and follow the easy to follow tutorials that accompany it. I was really surprised at to how easy it was to create a website using this website builder.

All I had to do was drag and drop the different elements to create a web page. I did get a little stuck a few times but the customer service and forum was really prompt at helping and solving all my problems. In fact, though I was a novice at creating websites, I managed to create one page in an hour’s time, and consequently created all the web pages for my website using the website builder.

As there’s no limit to the number of web pages one can add to the website, this website builder helped me create quite a few web pages which I used to display all my tailoring work. I really enjoyed creating my site with this website builder as I did not have to wait for any web designer to help me at making changes.

Whenever I chose I could simply update my site, add new and better information and even create an interesting, unique web design to make my website look attractive and professional. Moreover, as the website builder is free, and I saved so much money by not hiring a professional to create a website for me.

Moreover, there is no limit to the number of websites we can create using the BlueVoda website builder. This was when I decided it was much more lucrative and profitable for me to stop my tailoring services and start my own business creating websites.

As I grew accustomed to using the website builder, I could finally create a website within half an hour’s time. I have since then created and sold quite a few websites, much more quickly than I’d make money stitching clothes.

To top it all off, BlueVoda website builder has its own web hosting services. This means that I had no trouble getting my website hosted once it was created. Though I have to pay for VodaHost’s hosting services, its well worth it considering the fact that the website builder is free and I have a hosting service ready to host my website once it’s complete.

It made my life so much easier that the two services work together, it just ran so smoothly. So if you are thinking of creating a website, or want an alternative source of income, I definitely suggest getting this great website builder and either create a website for yourself, or create a new job and earn money building websites for others.

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