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I have wanted a great looking website for a very long time. I can’t count how many times I have transferred my domain in an effort to get a better website builder so I can create website that I can be proud of.

Having a business website is important because I want to attract more customers to my page. I know I have superior products but I have a feeling that my competition is using a better website builder and thus have learned to create website details that are better than mine. This means that they are taking all of the consumers.

When I was at a local small business owners meeting, we were talking about how to create website components and pages without having to hire a website designer. After I told my story, a lot of people nodded in agreement that they, too, were having problems finding a website builder that would allow them to build a great website. That is until a man in the back spoke up about his experience with BlueVoda website builder.

He spoke very highly of this website builder. When a few of us were skeptical, he pulled up his website and showed us what he was able to create website. There were a few dramatic “oohs” and “ahhs” from the crowd because the website looked professional. He could create website pages that looked great – and I would have assumed he paid thousands of dollars to a professional website designer.

That very night, I logged onto BlueVoda for myself to see what I would be able to create website with this website builder. I was instantly impressed because there were a lot of templates provided to me for free. This allowed me to choose a theme that met my website needs as well as the colors to match my brand. This was a website builder I could get behind because it didn’t require a lot of knowledge on my side. There were no HTML requirements needed and I was able to basically drag and drop all of my content.

I could create website pages in minutes with all of the templates provided to me. Additionally, they offered video tutorials that showed me everything that I needed to know. This was probably the most impressive feature of the website builder because I learned so much from the tutorials. I didn’t know if I would be capable of doing the website on my own, but with the help of the create website tutorials, I found the entire process very simple.

Within a few hours, I had the start to a great looking website. I was able to publish what I had done and it went online within minutes. This was by far the easiest website builder I have ever found. What was also great was that I was able to create website pages again and again at absolutely no cost. There simply is no limit to how many pages I could add. This was very beneficial because it allowed me to target SEO keywords on each page so that I could attract more consumers and rank higher in the search engines.

Since the time that I have launched my website using the BlueVoda website builder, I have received many compliments about my website design. People say that they enjoy using the layout and that they are able to find everything within my website easily. When I have asked people what they think about the design, they have asked me who I hired to do the graphics – which makes me feel confident that I am finally able to showcase my business’ products in an effective format.

I can’t believe I didn’t find this website builder sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of grief over website design if I had come across this website builder on my own about two years ago. After I launched the initial version of my website, I have used it to create website pages for more of my products as well as my other two locations. Since there is no limit to how many I can create, my website just keeps growing.

I recommend this website builder to anyone to create website pages. This website builder has been so easy to create website pages again and again. Perhaps the best feature is that once I create website pages, I can get them posted almost instantaneously – allowing them to be seen by all of the consumers searching for products that I offer.

I can’t thank BlueVoda enough for their website builder. I can now say I create website pages for a living in addition to being a business owner!

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