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First Timers Creating a Website – No Problem

It all started when my best friend recommended BlueVoda to be a reliable website builder tool. I am mainly into SEO and digital marketing. Sometimes I also need to create website for some of my small business clients. Hiring a website builder would mean sharing my profits. So, I wanted an affordable solution.

Learning coding was rather hectic so I ruled out that option. With so many web templates available these days to create website, I was looking for some ready-to-use app or program to create website. That’s when I found out about BlueVoda. Once I started using this website builder, I had not looked back ever since. It is the best way to create any website and make it live within a span of not more than an hour. That’s the power of this amazing website builder which I realized after using it several times to create various websites.

No problem for first timers:

With BlueVoda by your side as a reputed website builder program, creating a website has never been this much fun and easy! I can now create some simple websites and even fully-functional complicated websites with shopping cart for my clients. This website builder gives me the opportunity to create website, not just one but countless number of sites since there is no limitation.

Thanks to this website builder’s amazing drag and drop facility, even novices like me can hit the bulls-eye and create website within a small span of time. Isn’t that cool! Unlike some other website creation tools that I have tried earlier, this program is devoid of any adware popping up while using this particular website builder. For starting the building process, all you need is a setup-exe to install the program, and you are off to a great start to create website now!

Amazing features:

What attracted me the most about this website builder are its amazingly useful features that require just drag and drop. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you are definitely going to receive the best help to create website with BlueVoda by your side. There is a wide variety of features and you have to give them a try to understand why I call it the best builder!

• Here, you have the BlueVoda editor, which comprises of the most common embedded form of media types. Some examples are QuickTime, Flash, RealPlayer and even YouTube videos.

• If that isn’t enough to help you create website, this particular noteworthy website builder offers some of the best e-commerce based functions like easy usable PayPal input functionality. It estimates the need of customers to go online and incorporating PayPal payment process option.

• The best thing about this website builder is that you have the liberty to add five of the most distinct variations through just one dedicated toolbar. Apart from helping you to create website, these variations will cover some e-commerce functions. Some of those options from BlueVoda are website supportive donations, shopping carts and even quick pay buttons, depending on the client’s needs.

• For that added functionality to create website and attract prospective customers, this website builder adds some of the other functional buttons to it as well. Some of those are syndicated feeds, rollover buttons and even guest book based functionalities.

Going for the templates:

As I have already mentioned it earlier, BlueVoda, your reliable website builder is known for its outstanding collection of templates. It really takes away all the headaches to create website that is attractive and useful at the same time.

• This particular website builder is known to offer 100 promising and professional looking templates. These templates will definitely suit various niches to create website of the company’s choice. Even though not all are out of the world, but majority of these templates are simply awesome. These are more or less visually appealing, placing your website way ahead of your competitors easily. It also has logos, backgrounds and images.

• BlueVoda provides you the opportunity to actually customize the available templates. You can make the modifications quite easily and also change properties of elements on pages, with few simple clicks. This will help you to create website of your choice and multiple variations.

This particular website builder is more than just simple media support! It will help you to create website which includes audio, photo gallery and video widgets. On the other hand, I can always rely on BlueVoda to stream media with flash! So, now you know why I prefer BlueVoda over others to create website any day!

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