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Good deal! Free website builder for eCommerce!

When my friend Michelle told me about a free website builder called BlueVoda I treated the news with skepticism and doubt. In fact I had actually kept it as a last choice. I am one of those who believe that ‘nothing come free’. I was actually looking for a web developer for my small real estate business. But all of them either were demanding exorbitant rates or conditions which I could not agree with. On her insistence I decided to give the BlueVoda website builder a chance, though I was sure it would not be up to my high expectations.

The BlueVoda website builder’s website says that you (here the amateur website maker me) would be able to complete the work within a span of just 30 minutes. It was initially a bit unbelievable to me to completely build website within such a short while. But the more and more I went ahead using the website builder I started believing in it. The video tutorials I downloaded were easy to follow and very informative. Guided by them I could build website using this amazingly easy to use website maker within a little more than the stipulated minutes.

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BlueVoda website builder is very easy to use software. I downloaded and installed this website builder in my computer and I then started to build website on my own very easily. It can be used by website makers to build website which will be almost indistinguishable from professionally created ones. The website builder contains various tools which make a website maker task easier to build website. It freely available downloaded program contains innumerable icons, templates, forms, shopping carts etc., almost everything you will ever need to get it all done on your own.

All my website maker doubts were cleared when I first saw the tutorial and the very well done step by step guide to build website of your own. The BlueVoda website builder`s customer care professionals were very good too and cleared all my doubts about uploading. I was able to upload my build website at the click of a mouse to the VodaHost account using the built in uploading software.

This website maker software will make the tedious job of writing pages after pages of code history. This is because while the website maker works with its graphical interface, BlueVoda the website maker silently writes the appropriate HTML code for the build website in the background. Because the website builder is available free you will not have to spend anything on it. Only VodaHost requires a small payment, which is very nominal, to host the website on its servers.

This website maker tool is one of the best available when it comes to build website of your own from scratch within a very short period of time. The website builder made my website available to my all potential clients at the click of a mouse and made my business soar. I will seriously recommend this free piece of software to anyone from teenagers seeking to build website. This website maker can also be used commercially for eCommerce.

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