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How to Create a New Website From Start to Finish

I’ve always enjoyed surfing the internet in search of news, gossip and information. Seeing how convenient, easy and quick one can get shopping done online, I too embarked on an online money making project since I was spending so much time on the internet. Unfortunately I had many obstacles at the inception, starting from the website tools that became obsolete the moment I purchased them online and the very high costs of the website builder software to create website. Every time I wanted to create website for one of my money making schemes I found that I had to pay more for a website builder software updates. Having tried my hand at many website builder tools without much success I was not overly enthusiastic when I downloaded BlueVoda, which reviews claimed to be the world’s best website builder to create website.

At first I thought it to be just another one of these softwares with more hype than results. Having used this tool for the first time to create website, I am happy to announce that I have for the past two years been using BlueVoda website builder exclusively and have continued to use its services for a great number of new websites. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro in this business or a complete newcomer. All you have to do is download the software installer and follow the step by step instructions and you will be rolling in your brand new website in no time. BlueVoda website builder absolutely revolutionizes the way you create website with its simple and straight forward steps. BlueVoda website builder is a perfect option for new comers who are experimenting to create website for the first time. All features are based on a ‘drag and drop’ function and therefore, you don’t have to learn any of the complex technical jargon like HTML codes and languages. The video tutorials makes life that much simpler and the online support forum is the place to visit if you have any issues that is not covered by the video tutorials or FAQ section to create website.

If you have any doubts about BlueVoda website builder falling short of the professional software programs used to create website you can compare them against the professional website builder tools like Front Page or Dreamweaver. The layouts of BlueVoda are much similar to these programs with a few extra value added features thrown into the bargain. These new website builder tools help you to integrate image rollovers, photo galleries, banners, banner rotators, video clips and much more. When you create website, there is so much you can do with templates, especially if you have access to dynamic options. The website of BlueVoda offers you a magical world in templates to ensure your website comes out with total impact and punch, to draw in hoards of traffic from the time it goes online. BlueVoda website builder is complete with the latest functions including the Blue FTP.

It may take a while for you to get the perfect understanding and to master the functions of BlueVoda website builder to create website. For me it took about a week to create website as I spent time mastering one tool at a time. Now, I can come up with new ideas and concepts while having my morning jog, visiting the cinema with friends or even in the shower and incorporate them by myself in my sites before the end of the day without having to take my ideas to a web master. If you have concerns about problem troubleshooting to create website, the BlueVoda support teams come with very high recommendations. During my use of BlueVoda website builder tool I had generated many support tickets, all of which were resolved within 24 hours by a very friendly and attentive support team. However, like any other online products even BlueVoda website builder has its share of limitations. Here’s how I rate the pros and cons of the product:

•    Free, user friendly and very easy to install
•    Loads of options and features to create website just the way you want
•    Perfect for beginners as well as professionals
•    Ample templates for flexible creations
•    Excellent support system

•    Once you create website using BlueVoda it will only go online when you pay VodaHost its hosting fees. However, since this option comes with a very competitive price the stipulation is not a big issue.

With BlueVoda website builder there is something new to learn every day. This means you get the opportunity to create website that becomes better and better daily.

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