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How to Create a Website With Little or No Budget

“You are doing great with your online business. Why don’t you create website?”

“Create website?Hmm…I don’t think so, I think social media is enough as I don’t know how to use a website builder to design a website”

You may be familiar with this kind of conversation. People turn to use internet to market their products and services and usually they use social media such as Twitter and Facebook, which are considered the most effective marketing tool. However, have they ever tried to create website for their business?

Actually, they do want to create website, but they don’t know how and where to start. They tend to think that it is too complicated, as they know little about website-making. For those who have lots of budget, they can hire a professional web designer to create website for them, but how about those who don’t?

Nowadays, creating website using website builder has been popular. Yet, how to choose the best website builder is a bit of challenge as many people think that the more expensive it is, the better. Actually? It is not like that. Many people use website builder to create website, but they become disappointed after finding out that the product they buy is too difficult to use. I have a friend who bought a costly website builder, but it is such as waste as she doesn’t know how to use it. “This website builder is a bit more expensive, and I thought the quality is great. But, honestly speaking, it is not user friendly I don’t know how to create website using this stuff”, she said.

But, here is the good news for internet beginners: You now can create website as good as a professional. It is true! There is a website builder which is simple, user-friendly and made for everyone. This website builder really understands what we really need as internet newbies who want to create website. Even kids can use it to create website and the result is more than just great! It is also FREE OF CHARGE, no hidden cost, and it is virus free.
Bluevoda website builder is the only exception. You are getting tired of all website makers you bought? Try Bluevoda and you will see the difference. Some products are made for internet experts only, while Bluevoda is not. Bluevoda really understands that there are lots of people who are willing to learn how to create website but they think they can’t because of their limited internet knowledge. Therefore, Bluevoda really gives you solution to your website-making problem as it is very user friendly. You will be surprised to find out how you can create website so easily in less than 30 minutes!

There is a video tutorial for beginners, and it is very easy to follow the steps. The video shows you how to create website from scratch: how to choose the template, to add some features and even how to promote your website to be a star in Google Page Rank. Bluevoda really takes care of you from the first time you start making website to the time you finish creating website. No product is like Bluevoda website builder.

Still have more questions? Just contact the customer support. They are very friendly and helpful and ready to answer any questions related to website making. The best thing is that Bluevoda website builder is FREE OF CHARGE. You don’t have to pay anything but the hosting cost, which is still affordable compared to that in other similar products. You want to create website over and over again? Just go ahead. No limits! So many people get addicted to Bluevoda website builder then they design multiple websites. Can you imagine that even kids under 12 years old can design and  create website more than one using this wonderful website maker?

In addition to those features, Bluevoda website builder is the only product that has a forum for its users. Bluevoda knows that internet newbies need feedback from others, therefore, in the forum all users share their website making experience. They are more than just happy to give you feedback and teach you. You are like in a big family, where every one is ready to lend a hand to support you.

What about safety? No worries. Bluevoda website builder is 100% Completely CLEAN. No Spyware, no Adware inside the product. It is 100% SAFE. No wonder Bluevoda is the world’s most recommended website builder.

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