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How to create an online portfolio

I am a freelance photographer. With thousands of freelancers available on the market, it is not an easy task to lure customers to offer you the business. There is a need for something special that you need to offer to your clients, something different that will make you stand out from the rest of your competitors. One enormously significant aspect of any freelancing is your online portfolio which is extremely important in helping you achieve your future endeavours. You need to bring out the ‘wow’ factor in your work that will force your customers to hire you for the job. There is a huge difference between ‘being considered’ for work and actually ‘being hired’ for it. I have been able to achieve the best online portfolio with an amazing website builder, BlueVoda. Never before had I heard of a website builder, nor was I familiar with the concept of creating a website. Would you believe that I have managed to create website on my own?

Yes, I myself went on to create website within two days, thanks to the website builder that lets you choose webpage images and templates from a myriad of options available in their library. There are two very important aspects of a freelancing job that you need to emphasize in your online portfolio. One is testimonials and the other one is your previous work done. With this extraordinary website builder, I was able to create website with the most ravishing customer testimonials. It’s extremely user friendly drag and drop feature made it very easy for me to create website with testimonials that admired my services. I am an artist, not an engineer or a developer. I have no clue about any programming language, but this website builder made me feel like an expert. I could create anything and everything. Really, I don’t know what HTML or Java is or how they work.  Despite my lack of knowledge, this website builder allowed me to create website that looked like it was built by a professional. Nobody would ever know that I went on to create website without hiring someone to help me. BlueVoda website builder’s easy to use Point – and – Click feature made selecting different layouts and templates for each page very convenient. I actually really enjoyed the process. Not once did I even think of giving up. It was so entertaining to create website utilizing different predesigned web pages and templates with the website builder that I wanted to try out all of them. I must say BlueVoda is indeed a fantastic website builder.

Initially, while I was trying to create website with this website builder, I was not even sure what I wanted to achieve. But within hours of exploring, I knew what I wanted and to my surprise by the day’s end I was able to achieve what I expected thanks to the marvellous website builder. I was able to create website exactly the way I wanted.  This amazing website builder made it easy for me to create website which was uniquely customized to suit my needs. As you may know, past work is the unique selling proposition (USP) of any freelancer. People visiting your website, especially your prospective customers are most interested in seeing some good examples of your past work. So, I was more worried about how I would ever be able to create website showcasing good examples of the work that I have created in the past and presenting them in an organized and effective fashion. With this website builder, I was able to create a unique layout by splitting up each of my projects in to different organized segments with each segment depicting an individual work style. This made it extremely easy for my clients to conveniently search specific styles they were interested in.

Another important aspect of any freelancing portfolio, which cannot be neglected while trying to create website, is connection with the visitors. It is extremely important to create website that allows some route for your visitors for getting in touch with you.  With BlueVoda website builder, I created a contact’s page with a fully designed contact form. This is something unique which you usually don’t see. But, I was so pleased that I was able to create website with such a unique contact page that allows my prospective customers to track my most recent projects.  This is something that most of my clients and friends have appreciated. I am really very glad that BlueVoda website builder allowed me to create website endorsing my work so eloquently online. Not only has this given my career an absolute boost but it has also uplifted my confidence tremendously.

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