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How to make a website to make your business fourish

I have a home business selling candles and somehow I knew that I must also have prospective buyers for my candles across the seas in far off places. So far it was through word of mouth alone that people got to know about my candle making business and so I thought to branch out and go international and I knew that the internet was the best way to do it. I knew that the first thing I had to do to create an international presence was to create website. As I didn’t actually know how to make a website, I decided to hire a professional web designer to create website for me.

Even though I didn’t know how to make a website, I had some ideas to implement in the website. Though I had given all these specifications and ideas to the web designer about how to make a website, I wasn’t at all happy with the end result; it didn’t represent my business the way I wanted.

Though the web designer readily made modifications to create website that I liked, I still wasn’t happy. I ended up paying for the web designer’s services and started looking out for ways to create website on my own. I found out that as I don’t know how to make a website, I would have to use the help of a website builder software application to create website.

I started looking for the right website builder to help me with how to make a website. I found that there were many a various website builder available and the drawback with this kind of website builder was that to learn how to make a website using it, I would have to know some programming language or the other.

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I didn’t have the time or the patience to learn any programming language and was really discouraged that I couldn’t build my website on my own or learn how to make a website. It was a stroke of luck that this was when my friend told me about BlueVoda, a wonderful website builder.

The party trick of the BlueVoda website builder is that you have only to drag and drop the various website elements to learn how to make a website. There is no need of learning any programming language, or have any HTML knowledge whatsoever in using it to create website. All I had to do to create website of my choice was to choose the best template for my homemade candle business from the hundreds of templates that are available with the website builder.

In addition to this, there are no limitations on the number of web pages I could add to my website with this website builder so I had ample space to upload pictures of the various types and varieties of candles I had to sell. I found no difficulty learning how to make a website using BlueVoda as its video tutorials were really clear and easy to understand and covered everything.

There was also a forum where I could post any questions I had about how to make a website using BlueVoda. I got answers very quickly after placing my questions on the forum, which made it much easier for me to create website.

Having built my website I am really thankful to my friend who introduced me to this terrific website builder as I not only got to create website on my own, it helped my homemade candle making business flourish. To top it all, BlueVoda is available for free, so I managed to create website for free, with the help of the BlueVoda website builder.

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