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Building a website design and earning money online is something that many of us have in our mind. For a person who is well versed in internet technology, it is not a problem to build a website; however, this is just not so for someone like me who knows only the basics about computers like opening a web browser, browsing, typing in Word and wants to know how to build a website. In such an instance, I need to rely on website developers for my website and the charges are not affordable. Does this mean I would have to forget my dream of learning how to build a website? Why though should I abandon my dream or rely on a website design professional when I can create a website design myself for free working with the incredible BlueVoda website builder?

I came to know of the BlueVoda website builder from one of my friends and thought of giving it a try as he said it was very easy to learn how to build a website with. The main reason for me giving a try was that it required no programming knowledge to create a website design. All you have to do to begin discovering how to build a website is a computer system with Windows and the internet to download this free BlueVoda website builder software.

This is really a very handy tool as knowledge of HTML is not required. You simply can drag and drop the various components into the places you require them to create your own website design. Do you feel that you don’t require certain pre-designed buttons; just remove them. It’s that easy to work with and customize this how to build a website software.

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You need not search the web for website design templates or have a basic understanding of HTML to create your website design. The BlueVoda website builder offers many already designed templates and you can pick the template of your choice and can start creating your own website. I never ever thought figuring out how to build a website could possibly be this easy. When my friends saw my website, they actually asked me which website developer I hired to design my website. You can now understand how professional my website looked. I would like to remind you once again that I’m in no way a tech savvy person; before BlueVoda I had no idea how to build a website.

I’m sure had I hired a professional website builder to create my website design, they would have easily charged me anywhere between $400 and $1000 dollars depending on the kind of website I required. Now, I have created my own website that looks very professional for free.

This BlueVoda website builder has a how to build a website tutorials and these are extremely useful. The step-by-step instructions provided on how to build a website are worth watching regardless of whether you are a tech savvy person or not. I read on their website that one can create a website design within 30 minutes but me being not tech savvy it took about 2 days for me to understand how it works and build a website of my own. I think it depends on how easily you can grasp things said in the tutorial and how comfortable you are using computers.

Many times, free software downloads come with spyware or malware or adware but the excellent BlueVoda website builder is completely free from these malicious programs and is safe to download and install in your system.

The BlueVoda website builder also allows you to host your website with their web hosting service called VodaHost. Website design and hosting had been made simpler with the use of the wonderful BlueVoda website builder. I strongly recommend using the BlueVoda website builder to discover how to build a website of your own that is professional looking website for free.

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