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I work as an architect and run my very own company that has had a measure of success, I suppose; it has successfully completed several projects. Recently, though I felt I was already working for an adequate number of clients, I wanted to see some growth in my company and the best way I could see of doing this was to leap into cyber-space with my business. Finally one day I’d had enough of thinking about it and decided to create website for my company; I had the perfect domain name picked out.

When I first bought the domain I had no idea how to create website and how difficult it may be to build website; I was just happy to be getting something done. It was only later that I figured out that it’s not actually that easy to build website oneself without using a very good and professional piece of website maker software to assist you to create website. In the beginning I tried out a few website maker but they were not of too much interest to me as they were either too complex for me to build website with or they were not worth my while due to my almost non-existent knowledge of the use of HTML towards being able to create website. I tried the FrontPage website maker to build website as well as a trial of Dreamweaver but they were not of my interest. I kept on searching for a great way to build website and eventually while I was going to through user reviews and testimonials of many a various website maker and my eyes fell upon the name of the BlueVoda website maker.

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I had nothing to lose at this point so I thought I’d give it a try as well so I arrived at its homepage to check its price but to my surprise it was completely free. So I started downloading it and another surprise was that it was very small in size (4.3MB or something). That meant that it shouldn’t use up too many computer resources as I worked to build website but also created some doubt in my mind about its performance, features and ability to create website that looked really good. These worries were put to rest when I installed and started using BlueVoda to create website; I found that it is incredibly easy for just about anyone to use to build website with it.

To create website with the BlueVoda website maker you don’t need to know or learn anything that you don’t already know from using your home computer. Know how to click with a mouse? If yes then you’re sorted, the BlueVoda website maker will make it possible for you to create website using it.

The main reason for using BlueVoda is that its time efficient (as you create website with the BlueVoda website maker everything can be done using a single click of mouse) as well as cost efficient (don’t think you get more cost effective than free). While you work the processes to build website, say if you wanted to put a picture in your website or you want to put in a slideshow, or whatever, everything is now just a single click away from you. You can also put videos in your website very easily in a similar fashion as they just require but single click too. If you want to add video from YouTube or some other such referring sites it is way easier if you are using BlueVoda to build website. Again, the embed-video module is just a single click away.

Concluding my whole experience of using BlueVoda website maker I‘ll simply say that it’s the perfect website maker one can use to build website; it’s very simple to use, yet very professional and a powerful program to create website with. Hats off to BlueVoda…

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