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BlueVoda website builder was something new to me until I got used to it and by the time I came to know about it eight versions had already been launched. Even then I was just relaxing myself telling something is better than nothing! The installation kit is only around 7 MB in size and is small with the program to create a website made available free of cost. To publish your site with the website builder you will need to acquire a hosting account with VodaHost.

After completing the installation, you will be taken to the pretty interface where customization is possible i.e. the toolbars present inside the application like the menu bar can be moved anywhere you like to be placed in such a location that will help you to create a website at your own comfort level.

To create a website with this website builder is so convenient and the greatest thing is that there is no programming required here. At the same time, you will have to know some basic terms and their functions like how to use Navigation Bar, Flash, Image Map, AcitveX controls and few others to create a website. Do not worry as this website builder gives you a clear picture of the relevant terms with the help of links that are already present within. The links are directed to free video tutorials that will help you learn more about the way to create a website.

Apart from the menu bar there are seven other toolbars there to help you with the website builder. They include align, HTML, Standard, Form Fields and Format, Advanced and Extra Tools. Each of these has a lot of choices that will help you create a website. Customization is also possible with the help of add or remove buttons according to your needs and comfort.

There is simply a lot to explore and believe me I just had the best experience watching the video tutorials and grabbing some awesome knowledge about this website builder to come up with wonderful ideas to create a website with confidence. My advice would be to click onto the links given in the website builder that you can find along the left corner at the bottom of the interface in order to build up your understanding.

What I was gazing in this website builder was templates as everyone are looking out for the same thing to ease up their work and to create a website without much hassle. BlueVoda couldn’t miss such a great application to please their customers. You can find a lot of templates that can be installed from the producer’s site and you can right away use it to create your website.

Blue FTP is one of the greatest advantages of this website builder to create a website and to speak the truth, I was simply impressed. It is the free FTP client and is a splendid tool that can be connected to the VodaHost servers. I would have been really overwhelmed if this website builder didn’t limit Blue FTP just to their own servers. With this things have taken a mesmerizing turn to create a website.

What are you waiting for? Just get on with your idea to create a website with this superb website builder. Explore the video tutorials button and the templates to understand and educate yourself about those terms that you are not familiar to make your experience a splendid one.

If you are not planning to use the services of a free web hosting service to create a website free of cost, you can easily depend on BlueVoda website builder as it has everything to help you complete the entire process even if you are a beginner. Do not bother about your choice, if you have any plans to create a website then according to me I strongly believe you should try your hands on it to find the world under your feet!

Pros: The website builder is a pretty small file with a user friendly interface and is also known to have common tools that everyone is familiar like the ones found in Word and other programs. With no programming required, it makes the process easy to create a website for anyone who does not have prior knowledge of programming. With many efficient tutorials, anyone can learn about the functioning of the site with this website builder to create a website.

Cons: To be precise, I did not find any major of drawbacks with the BlueVoda website builder.

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