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I now proudly consider myself an internet architect. I am not a professional website builder by any means but I have created and hosted about 15 websites just for me, which are very highly visited sites at the moment. To add to that I’ve created and hosted many websites for other people too. Whenever my friends need to create website or need to know how to make a website I am the first person they consult. I have been create website for the past two years and I’ve made use of numerous website builder software to help me out. But none of them actually gave me all that I expected, which was why I was constantly on the lookout for better website builder software. It was during one of these searches that I came across the BlueVoda website builder. One day with BlueVoda and I realized it was just what I had been looking for.
It had a free tutorial that explained everything from how to make a website to hosting the site and to create website was really easy with BlueVoda. It was almost as simple as drag and drop. I had been creating websites for almost a year at that point but I can say that the BlueVoda website builder basically taught me how to make a website. It took me to a totally new dimension in website building. There is so much you can do, and it’s so easy, that creating a website really did become fun!

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If I had the website drawn out in my mind, BlueVoda taught me how to make a website just the way I wanted it and at the times when my creativity takes a nap, I still had nothing to worry since there were many ready-made templates available on the website builder. It has never been this easy to create website ever! And now it only takes me about 45 minutes to create website, while with other website builders it used to take me more than two whole days!
If you ever need to learn how to make a website you should try BlueVoda. I said ‘learn’ how to make a website because it actually teaches you. If you consult a professional website builder or use any other website builder software they just tell you how to make a website or create website for you. But with BlueVoda there is so much to learn. Therefore with every website you create you become a better website builder.
Once you’ve got the BlueVoda website builder, and if you still can’t figure out how to make a website, or you don’t know where to start, don’t worry; the customer support people are only a click away. For one of my create website problems they were actually nice enough to walk me step by step through the entire problem. BlueVoda not only lets me create website and host it but I can also update it whenever I want and updating only takes a couple of minutes. These are the features that help me get the best create website experience.
How to make a website is not really a question you should ask anymore, but if you dare to ask it, then the BlueVoda website builder is surely the answer!
They say man learns from the day he was born to the day he dies. Then at this age of advanced science and technology don’t you think knowing how to make a website is important?  So why give bundles of money to some old website builder who charges outrageously for every create website, when you can do it yourself? Who knows you might be the next internet architect.

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