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The first thing that comes to mind when about how to build a website is to hire a web designer to do it for you. However this can be expensive for you, especially you are under a budget to create website.

A better option is to learn how to build a website on your own. This is possible with the site builder BlueVoda, which can be used by anyone to create website. This is because with BlueVoda, you can learn how to build a website without any HTML knowledge, unlike other site builder.

All you have to do to drag and drop the different elements of the web page to place them wherever you want to create website of your choice. There are not only various templates provided for you to choose from while learning how to build a website. You can also choose colors, pictures and fancy buttons to use to create website.

If you are worried about finding BlueVoda to learn how to build a website, you needn’t worry as it is freely available. All you have to do is type the word BlueVoda and you will find various sites offering free downloads of the site builder.

On this page, you just have to provide your name and email address, and you can start downloading the site builder once you click on the link sent to your email address. You have to next activate its activation key on the completion of the download. This done, the site builder will teach you how to build a website by asking if you want to open an existing or new page wherein you have to click ‘new’.

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Next, you find lots of icons on the top and down the left side of the page to use to create website. These tools may be a bit confusing to learn how to build a website at first. However, actually, they are all basic web editing tools like change font and insert image which can be resized and used as required as you create website.

There are other icons like Flash Player and advertisement banners that have to be resized and placed on your web page as required. To see the results of how to build a website, you just have to click ‘file’ and ‘preview in browser’ where your default browser launches your site as it would appear on the site.

If you plan to create website with many pages using the site builder, you can change the page basic properties by right clicking on the background and clicking ‘page properties’. You reach a window with tabs like ‘scroll bars’ and ‘background’ to use to change colors, add pictures and create website with fancy scroll bars. Once you are happy with the results of how to build a website, you have to do two things with the site builder to go live.

First, you have to go to VodaHost, the web host you have to use when you use site builder BlueVoda to create website. Here you upload the images, videos and other files of your site without changing their file names.

Then you have to click ‘view’ in the site builder and select ‘Page HTML’. This produces the HTML code that you have to copy and paste into your host’s HTML editor, after which the page goes online. This has to be repeated with all your web pages to create website that gets launched in the internet.

Looking at all this, you will certainly agree that it is not that difficult to learn how to build a website using site builder BlueVoda.

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