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It’s really not very difficult to learn how to make a website

I am a stocks and shares trader and I have considerable expertise in this field through the work itself as well as the study of multiple expert books on the subject and have gained in-depth knowledge of analyzing and predicting market trends. In addition to this business I wished to start a consultancy business to advise investors on how to invest and gain and had gotten it of the ground but couldn’t get many clients. Friends suggested I ought to have my own website that people could access to learn of my services and sign up. “Create website and spread your business”, they said. The question that was foremost in my mind, though, was how to make a website. I got in touch with professionals, explained my need to create website and they gave me a lot of technical jargon and stuff which all went over my head. Besides, I was concerned on one point: getting my message across. These were technical people who hardly understood the nuances of stocks and shares broking and analysis and consultancy and they quoted a ludicrously high price to build a website and then running costs to update it periodically. This was not acceptable to me. My business required me to post up to the minute information which changed on daily basis. Well, said my friends, the best way to create website then would be to go about it myself and find myself a website builder program. The prospect of discovering how to make a website from scratch was daunting. I imagined myself having to learn a lot of code and programming. How to make a website myself, I wondered.

A lot of what I came across was all Greek to me. At the most I was used to working in Word, Excel and simple applications that suddenly seemed easy. So I started my research on the web on how to make a website and to find a suitable website builder that would help me to create website and get my business up and running over the net. I also looked up a lot of sites with information on how to make a website. This was time well spent.

There were a large number of software packages available on the internet, some costing a lot of money, some for very little and some for free. I read reviews of BlueVoda and what I liked about it was that people were praising its easy interface and the professional results. This is what made up my mind about going with BlueVoda to create website for my business. I had very little spare time and I could not afford to spend a lot of time learning how to make a website. I wanted a website builder to create website that would work just like Word did for my documents: easily and without fuss. A simple visual interface, clicks of mouse and that did it.

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I downloaded this BlueVoda website builder and set about creating website for myself. The first thing towards learning how to make a website was to watch the video tutorials, read the help documentation and try out all the functions. The BlueVoda website builder to help create website was really not very difficult to learn!

So on a Sunday I sat down in front of my computer, loaded up the website builder and set about creating website to promote my business. The first pages I created were not very complex; I didn’t include any animations, Flash or movies though these features (amongst others) are available. I would use educational and videos functions later on. Using the very simple drag and drop feature, I dropped in images, positioned them easily, copied and pasted text and wrapped text around the images. Then it was a simple matter of using the link buttons to create links to other pages. Using the BlueVoda website builder to create my very own website was one of the easiest things I’ve done and best of all I had not spent anything on this or on learning how to make a website. My website was ready and I uploaded it.  My very own first website! Using my knowledge of how to make a website using a website builder that was free!

The best thing was that I could modify my pages and upload them daily with the latest information and tips on the stock market. This didn’t take much time; less than half an hour. As people came to know about my services I started receiving a lot of inquiries through the web and my business is growing. I plan to create website using this website builder incorporating forums, database and search features, registration, subscriptions, password access for registered users, account information of users and all that I have imagined and dreamed about and which are available in BlueVoda. I have tried the pop-ups feature. This is something I will incorporate in my future modified web. I will continue using BlueVoda to create graphically impressive website and the future revisions will be more complex and better for my clients and for my business.

I know BlueVoda can do this for me. I have been trying all its extended features on how to make websites interesting and complex and wonder at all the facilities offered in a free package. To create website, update it and upload revised pages is now no different from editing simple documents! Best is it does not take up too much of my time and I can concentrate on my main business of stocks consultancy. This is my one and only and favorite how to make a website package and it takes up only a small space on my hard drive! And I do not have to rely on any external person as a website builder that I would have to study and then ask for modifications. I am hooked on BlueVoda and am so familiar and used to it and it is so complete. Whatever I imagine and visualize I can translate it into reality as a webpage using this software. I would not want to try out any other package to create website and go through the learning curve all over again. This is just fine for me.

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