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One of my friends was considered to be a good for nothing fellow. Everyone called him a loser. Few years later I met him again and was surprised to see him crowded by people and everyone was addressing him as ‘Sir’. It was hard to believe yet I was compelled to ask him the secret of his astounding success. He smiled at my question and took me to his office, a well-furnished office though. He showed me a really smart looking website and before I could ask, he said it was all the magic of BlueVoda, the website builder of repute. With the help of this website builder he was doing an e-business very successfully.  He told me that he never knew how to make a website but one day he saw this website builder and decided to create website with the help of BlueVoda website builder. He further told me that he was afraid about how to make a website as it was impossible for a loser like him to create website. But it became easy to create website with BlueVoda website builder. He said that he was able to create website within an hour and BlueVoda website builder brought it live on the Internet by the next morning. And now he had many websites and each one successful.

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I was impressed and decided to check it out and if possible follow my friend’s footsteps. Imagine I, popular in my circle as ‘Genius’, was reduced to become follower of ‘ loser ‘ but I guess BlueVoda made the difference. With doubts about how to make a website I downloaded BlueVoda. But my friend assured me that BlueVoda, the website builder would help me build a website even if I did not know how to make a website. BlueVoda helped me to learn how to make a website by giving me step by step instructions. My website builder has a whole series of templates to create website that is truly sensational.

Once I knew how to make a website and was able to create website, he advised me to look for a good product that can generate potential sales. So I took up selling hand crafted candles with the aid of BlueVoda. My website looked like it was designed by a professional website builder. All my friends knew that I did not know how to make a website and when they saw my website they refused to believe that I had created it. They thought that I was a person who did not know how to make a website. They did not know that it was BlueVoda which equipped me with enough tools to create website of my own.

Since my website builder, BlueVoda has provided me with unlimited email accounts; I started sending out emails to sell my product using the various email accounts provided by BlueVoda. BlueVoda has provided me with monthly data transfer without limits while I set out to create website. To create website you also need domain name registration and BlueVoda provided me with the same gratis.  Now when people ask how to make a website, I scream out happily – “BlueVoda”. This is my story – a guy who had the least idea of how to make a website not only went on to create website of his own but made a thriving business of it as well, thanks to BlueVoda.

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