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As a professional astrologer I am fairly well known in my social circles. I wanted people to benefit from my skills and wanted to reach a wide audience, possibly a global one. As you may know many consult an astrologer before taking any important decision like buying a house or marriage and an internet presence was the only way to reach out and make myself known to the world. People advised me that to do that I would have to get a website. OK, so, let’s do it, I thought. Thinking is one thing, doing is another.

How to create a website was the question that I ran through in my mind again and again. I used my computer mostly for word processing, emails, surfing, photo editing and astrology. Here was a challenge… If I used a professional website builder I would have to pay a high price to create website and I wanted it done fast and I also wanted to update it regularly.

“Why learn how to make a website? Use a website builder. Leave all your worries to him.”

“Create website? Why? You have enough clients as it is.”

“Use free website builder to create website and you can easily learn how to make a website.”

These were amongst the several comments from a few of my friends.

One computer knowledgeable friend did advise me that I could learn how to make a website using free website builders and suggested I get on the net and do some searching to get more information. I did so very badly wanted to learn how to make a website and upload it that I took his advice seriously.

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I browsed the net, searched forums and blogs and settled on BlueVoda as my preferred piece of software to create website. The general consensus was that it was free and easy to use. “You can easily learn how to make a website using BlueVoda. You need not go anywhere else or use any other software. If you need a website builder to create website this is the one for you.” That worked for me. I downloaded it, installed it and opened it. The toolbar, menus and everything were easy to understand right from the offset. There were plentiful tutorials on how to make a website and I went through them thoroughly. I was ready to use this wonderful website builder to create website for myself.

It was so easy and simple to use. I had all the text matter ready. I simply inserted these paragraphs into the pages, added a few images, moved text and images around on the page until I was satisfied with the results. I had downloaded templates and used them. Links were easy to set up. I even taught myself to create a form page, query page and search page; it was so easy with BlueVoda, the best way to create website I have come across! Uploading was real easy too. It was just point, click, point, click and you are done. Anyone interested can easily learn how to make a website using this website builder to create website that is impressive, visually rich and professional in looks.

I am today sitting back and enjoying the results of my work. I am laughing at all those people who said “why learn how to make a website?” or “Why use website builder to create website and take so much trouble.”

Today you can access my website, enter your date of birth and get your horoscope or you can consult me through online query form about your problem and get a solution or even match horoscopes online if you are planning to get married. I have added sections on gemstones, palmistry and Feng shui to my site also. BlueVoda is so very versatile. I can think of something to add and realize it with this amazing website builder just as I feel it should be. The looks you can perceive are very professional. For me, the best thing is that people from all over the world can consult me now.

Do I want to try out some other website builder to create websites? Do I want to learn how to make a website using some other software? No thank you! BlueVoda does just fine for me! I would think anyone wishing to have their own website would find it easy how to make a website using this package.

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