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Life today is miserable without money. I love going to college, but along with studies, I love having a great time with friends. However the problem is that my pocket money generally lasts only for the first 10-15 days of the month. Going through the remaining days of the month prove to be really difficult and boring as I don’t have the money to spend, and thus can’t do things I love doing. Naturally, I thought that the best thing to do would be to find an alternative income source, instead of asking my parents for a hike in my pocket money. Working in McDonald’s was the first option I had. However I was not actually up to the idea, as I have brains, and wanted to find out how I could earn money using the computer and sitting in my dorm room. This was when I came up with the idea of making money by creating websites. I love computers, and have learned some programming. So I decided to put this knowledge into use to create website for those who needed it. However the problem was that I did not have sufficient time to attend college, and to create website to earn money.

So I thought about looking for a website builder I could use to create website. After doing some research, I found that though there were some website builders around, they all cost money, and I didn’t have the money to spend for a website builder. The next alternative I had was to look for a free website builder to create website, which was when I came across BlueVoda, a terrific website builder. I found it really easy using this tool to create website. All I had to do was download the website builder BlueVoda from their website, and it was installed on my computer. As BlueVoda does not take much of my computer memory space, I was not worried about having to erase any files to make space for it. Then, using the website builder to create website was a complete cinch. I found it really easy to create website as all I had to do was drag and drop the different elements on my page to create website as I wanted it to appear.

So whatever programming knowledge I had was of no use here as anyone can use BlueVoda, even those without any basic programming language to create website. There are also so many templates to choose from, and to use while creating attractive and beautiful websites. As practically everything is tailor-made and so easy to use with the website builder, I could create website within a few minutes time. So in in other words, when I once found it difficult to build even a single website in a day, today I can build as many as 2-3 websites on any given day. This in turn led to an increase in my income, and thus the prospects of leading a better college life. Of course, there were a few hitches I had while first using this website builder to create website. However the many tutorials teaching how to use the website builder to create website, and the forum where I posted my queries provided answers to all my doubts.

I have to mention that though I did say that BlueVoda is a free website builder, there is a small hitch here. You have to pay a low monthly fees for the services of their sister concern, Vodahost. Yes, the hitch here is that though the website builder is available for free, you have to pay for and use only the web hosting associated with BlueVoda to host your websites, after you create website. Actually, I didn’t consider this to be much of a problem to me as the monthly fees for Vodahost are reasonably low. Moreover, as BlueVoda has an associate web hosting company we can approach for our website hosting needs, I didn’t have to spend time and extra money looking for the right host for the websites I had created.

Basically all I can say is, that if you too are like me, looking for a means to earn some additional money in your free time, you should consider using this terrific website builder BlueVoda to create website. As there is no need of any programing knowledge to use the website builder, and as you do not have to pay any money for the website builder, you may as well try out BlueVoda to create website, and earn money through this alternative income job or source.

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