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A few months back I was looking for a one stop website builder tool to help me create website of dynamic quality as I was looking for online exposure and publicity for the services I offer in the field of public relations, catering and party planning. But my biggest obstacle was a lack of knowledge in handling the complex process to create website. A friend with better and advanced experience to create website recommended that I check out BlueVoda website builder, a free online website creation package with a hosting service also added to the full package.

BlueVoda website builder is an absolutely easy way to create website fitting your overall needs. Here’s my view of the package offered by BlueVoda and how the website builder tool stacks up against the competition. Whether we are new to the world of website creation or experts in it we all have a similar goal. That is to build highly effective websites with maximum viewer potential. To create website without any hassle and in the quickest possible way is a definite advantage. Now getting all these on top of a free offer is a true bonanza. BlueVoda website builder tool essentially offers all these benefits along with many others to make it a very attractive option.

BlueVoda has a lot of similar interface designs carried out in Microsoft Office package and it also has many of the same customization options including grid based color options, tears off toolbars etc. The drag and drop function makes it very easy to create website for any newcomer with the elemental knowledge of Microsoft office packages. The simplified FTP interface in BlueVoda website builder makes the uploading process very efficient and smooth. Formatting is quite a breeze for anyone as users can use the drop down selectors for many options like typeface, text font and size, colors, text styles and customizing headings. The dialog boxes and editing mechanisms both help users to select their preferred text type and page backgrounds when they create website.

The standard and quality of this website builder tool is enhanced by its value added features like the BlueVoda Editor. This helps us to integrate many exciting options to the website we create using QuickTime, YouTube, Flash and RealPlayer options. The greatest benefit of choosing BlueVoda website builder tool to create website is that it is tailor made to fit all types of needs whether e-commerce, personal, creative or otherwise. A number of essential e-commerce features such as shopping cart, quick pay, website support and donations as well as payment options like PayPal and credit card can be incorporated when you create website using the BlueVoda website builder tool. Additional functionality in a website is facilitated through unique options like syndicated feeds, guest book functions and rollover buttons. However, for newbie’s like me using some of these functions to create website in their first couple of attempts might prove to be problematic. Not because of a lack of efficiency in this particular website builder but you need time to familiarize yourself with the basic functions and get a better control of handling them before stepping on to the next stage. This way you can easily create website of powerful quality, precision and clear navigation.

The only stipulation that is attached to this free to use website builder tool is that the created site is stored in a proprietary format during the process of creation. To upload your website to the internet you have to use the VodaHost service by paying a reasonable monthly fee for the hosting service. What you should remember is that whether you use BlueVoda or any other website builder tool there is no escaping of the hosting charges for a website. Therefore, I consider having access to an all around website builder package for those looking to create website is a definite plus.

So the bottom line is that BlueVoda website builder is a comfortable and highly effective tool for beginners planning to create website with professional impact. You can easily create website with live, dynamic and powerful options working from scratch. Once you get the hang of it you can create website as much as you want at no cost. With BlueVoda website builder there is something new to learn and incorporate to your website every day. It is an exciting way of putting your creativity into action and making a tidy profit out of it.

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