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My name’s Tim and I’m the marketing head of a local company which manufactures industrial spares. Most of the time I’m on the move, generating inquiries, taking sales calls and delivering marketing materials. Hoping to expand both business and revenue through coverage of a wider marketing area I decided to go for a web presence. I suggested it and was given the responsibility. I didn’t waste time looking up professionals to create website for the company. I took it on myself to learn how to make a website.

Straightaway I got onto the net and searched for forums and blogs on website creation and zeroed in on BlueVoda. The BlueVoda website builder tool to use to create website was freely downloadable and reputed to be extremely easy to use with a host of features for personal and commercial users. It took no time to download this website builder and install it. An evening spent with the tutorials taught me how to make a website easily using BlueVoda. Here was the software I was looking for to create website I had in mind. It would also teach me how to make a website and keep it updated and it was the best website builder to create website! Sure, I could have attended classes on how to make a website but did not have the time. The nature of business requires the daily updating of stocks held and the cost of employing a professional to maintain this site would have been massively too high. Creating website using the BlueVoda is easy and free, so why not use it.

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Some reactions I’ve from my acquaintances have been:

“What? You are learning how to make a website?”

“Do you have time to learn how to make a website?”

“Who will teach you how to make a website?” “Do you know what it means how to make a website?”

“Always get a qualified and competent website builder to create website for you?.”

“A website builder will not always create website that you have visualized.”

“You will not get professional results using free website builders to create website.”

“Learning how to make a website is lengthy and time consuming. Do you have the time?”

“Creating website is not for everyone. You have to know Java, ASP, PHP, CGI, Perl and such other software to build websites.”

“Free website builders have limited functionalities and cannot create website that are what you wanted them to be like.”

“No business will ever use free website builders to create website.”

Using the easy to use features of drag and drop templates, I created a website using BlueVoda. I crafted a home page detailing the company’s activities as well as the company’s spares specialties. I created pages listing the products, their specifications and photos as also catalogs. The templates and built in button creation and linking pages using BlueVoda site builder made my job easy. The features of BlueVoda even helped me maintain an online shopping cart and receiving payments through PayPal and such payment gateways. I found I could track orders, clients could access the status of their orders all online. I set up a nationwide network of dealers and agents who all logged in to the website logging the sales and purchase data. Business has grown since I used BlueVoda first and this is only within the short period of one year.

I am no computer expert. I simply use what I consider to be the best and most versatile website builder, BlueVoda, to create a website that is complete with Flash, active X controls, search, shopping cart and user registration. I learnt all these aspects of how to make a website using BlueVoda—the best and most versatile freeware website builder to create website that generates business.

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