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I was one of those people who love to surf the Internet but are not interested in any activity which needs expertise. Some of my friends are geeks and when they talk about things like how to make a website I just turn the other way for I was not really interested. All my knowledge about the internet was confined to sending emails and doing an occasional chat and as such factors like how to make a website or create website was could not bother me in any way.

One day, I was engaged in sending an email to a friend in U.K, when I came across BlueVoda. Actually it was an ad of the famous website builder but I didn’t think much about it. Later I asked a geek friend about BlueVoda and he looked surprised as if it was very simple. He explained to me that BlueVoda is a website builder tool of VodaHost which solves the problem how to make a website. I really got interested and what the heck why can’t I create website all my own?

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As I visited the BlueVoda website, I got a fairly good idea as to how to make a website. The notion that I too can create website without having to know how to make a website was exhilarating. All I had to do to download BlueVoda website builder and I was on my way to create website without the hassles usually connected to hosting a website.

The BlueVoda website builder tools equipped me with sufficient knowledge as to how to make a website. Initially BlueVoda showed me a variety of templates so that I can freely choose from among them to create website with the help of BlueVoda, the famous website builder. It took me some time to make use of the website builder tool to create website, for as I said I had no concept as to how to make a website.

After finishing my website I showed it to some of my friends who were not geeks and they were very much impressed with me and were angry with me for not having told them that I was a geek and knew things like how to make a website.

Then a geek friend asked me what the use of a website was if I couldn’t make use of it in any way. Then I realized that although BlueVoda helped to create website I had no real use for it. It happened that a friend of mine wanted to create website of his own because he too did not know how to make a website like me at first. Using the simple tools provided me by my website builder, BlueVoda, I began to create website for her too. Soon word got round that I could create website that was professional looking.

Suddenly I had a new job: creating websites for others by taking advantage of the manifold website builder tools provided by the inimitable BlueVoda. And with it came success and everything that went with it. Soon my website became my ad and I became widely known as a professional website builder. It is ironic that for a person who hadn’t the faintest idea as to how to make a website is known as one who is a website builder par excellence. And it is still a secret that I did it all with the valuable help provided by BlueVoda.

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