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When you browse online, you will find that there are numerous website builders or HTML editors all claiming to be the best tools for how to make a website. If you have already tried some of these tools you will agree with the fact that finding a good quality website builder or an HTML editor that could teach how to make a website or how to create website is quite challenging.

If you are looking for a simple to use HTML editor to create website, you must halt your search with the BlueVoda “create website” solution.

When I happened to visit the BlueVoda website, it said ” Build Your Own Website in 30 minutes, Have it live on the Internet by Tomorrow Morning!”

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I was quite impressed with these opening lines. Furthermore, the video on the home page that explained the features and functionality of the product was just excellent and gave me the confidence to download this HTML editor to create website right away. This is what I did. The features mentioned were so irresistible that I thought of downloading obviously with some doubts in mind about the product quality. But now I am glad I did, as this HTML editor is simply must have for those who want to learn how to make a website.

BlueVoda is a unique Drag and Drop website builder using which just about anyone will know how to make a website using its built in features. In other words BlueVoda can help you create website even if you have little or no knowledge of how to make a website using an HTML editor.  The best part is that you can Download BlueVoda HTML editor for FREE.

Some of the unique features of this quality website builder include:
Easy drag and drop functionality; Free professionally designed website templates available; You can make unlimited websites; No need to learn or buy expensive tools like Dreamweaver or Photoshop; Inexpensive way of making a striking website in minutes; No coding knowledge needed to create website; Pre designed logos and backgrounds available; Edit and resize graphics easily using inbuilt features; Create an eCommerce website in just a few clicks; Automated website form builder too; Editing a site is easy  using this HTML editor; One click website publishing helps you see your site go live in seconds.

Prior to BlueVoda, I had never used anything like it to create a website. While I was trying to find out how to make a website, I found this unique website builder that has already attained its 10th version and didn’t require an additional HTML editor.

To create website with BlueVoda I had to download its small installation kit which is just 4.3MB. But before I could publish my site on the web using this website builder, I had to get a VodaHost web hosting account. On second thoughts I did not find much of a problem because in any case I needed a good web hosting provider. Other than this, it is a website builder that will tell you how to make a website all for free.

As soon as you are done installing the BlueVoda program, an attractive interface appears that is absolutely customizable to create website. So you can just find out how to make a website as you wish.
Other than the menu bar, there are other 7 tool bars available to create website. These include Standard bar, HTML editor tools, advanced tools, Align and Extra tools and Format and Form fields as well. Each one of these will show you how to make a website offering a number of options, while you can further modify. Concluding, the final verdict I would like to give about BlueVoda how to make a website tool is that it’s a sure hit with all those who want to create website!

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