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No seeking help from the tech folks with this website builder

I had heard that the Internet had brought a revolution in the world of business. However, I had no idea how. The concept of website builder to create website made no sense to me. Electronic commerce was like a tricky concept. It was like learning ancient Chinese language. In my neighborhood, some people had learned how to make a website using website builder. I came to know that those people made a good amount of money after having learned how to make a website using website builder. I thought of giving it a try, knowing very well that I did not know how to make a website. So, without any knowledge of how to make a website, I started the journey in order to create website.

Oh, I did not mention about my business! I (before learning how to make a website using BlueVoda) would sell antique furniture- closets, chest, drawers, shoe-rack and coffee tables. I owned a two-room shop downtown. The idea to create website using some website builder was not bad. The only problem was I did not know how to make a website. Night and day, I would think- how to make a website. I would read articles on the Internet to learn how to make a website. I would also talk to my nephews to know how to make a website using website builder.

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John, my twenty-two year old nephew, informed me about the BlueVoda website builder. He told me about this feature-rich tool to learn how to make a website, and to create website. After some ifs and buts, I gathered the courage to embrace technology. I went to the website of BlueVoda website builder, and watched the demo to create website. I learned that this website builder eliminates the need to hire web designers or web programmers, who generally charge 20-30$ per hour.

I also understood that BlueVoda website builder has user-friendly, easy-to-understand, jargon-free features that can help create website in less than an hour or two. To be honest, I did not first believe that this website builder could help get the work done in less than an hour. But I proved myself wrong when I was able to create website in around 45 minutes, although after a few attempts. BlueVoda benefited me in two ways. One, it provided a simple platform to get a website built for my business. And two, it helped me learn how to create website.

It was sort of an addition to better my time to create website each time I would sue BlueVoda. People would tell me HTML coding is indispensable to website building. BlueVoda proved this wrong too. I am no web programmer. I do not know anything about Java, C++, or any other languages. Still, I can now create website the way I want, with the features I like. I would not like to brag here, but today I really am confident of building a website without seeking help from tech people.

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