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Harry decided to create website because he has seen a little more of the world than most. He loves photography and he enjoys getting pictures of the foreign lands and sometimes strange places that many of the people he knows have not seen or maybe will never even have the chance to see. You see, Harry is a trans-Atlantic pilot (now also make a website maestro) and as a result of his travels with work he regularly gets to see parts of Europe and the territories around it that his close friends and family do not. But what postponed him to create website was he had no knowledge on how to make a website.

The BlueVoda website builder was recommended to Harry to help him make a website by a friend, with whom he shares computer wisdom as he used this website builder to create website for his company too. This gave an opportunity for Harry to create website to archive all the photos from his journeys and to make as much of his travels available to his friends and family as possible, well as to feed his love of photography. Harry worried that he knew absolutely nothing about how to make a website. All he was told to do was watch the tutorials to learn how to create website…

The BlueVoda website builder really turned out to be just what Harry was looking for to create website. Before having used it Harry didn’t really know the first thing about how to make a website but the BlueVoda website builder and its wholly drag-and-drop work-flow soon changed that. With so many image options in the BlueVoda website builder, especially the Lightbox feature in the BlueVoda website builder which Harry loves gives his visitors quick access to all the latest images and he has also found to be a great way of keeping all his images organized. He can even conveniently use the BlueVoda website builder to create website from his laptop, wherever in the world he may be and whether or not he is even connected to the internet. If he is connected to the internet, as an added bonus, he can update his website from wherever he may be. He finds BlueVoda a great alternative to boring nights in a hotel room.

The website he built with the BlueVoda website builder contains some awesome snaps of images of rural Spain, France, Italy and the even the snow-capped Alps at dusk from 36,000 feet. He loves delighting his kids too with occasional pictures of the flight deck of the Airbus he flies out of Canada; to them it looks like something from the future. His friends have told him he has a great eye for pictures and having worked to make a website with the BlueVoda website builder he’s actually got himself quite a cult following from the folk back home. In one instance there were actually complaints when he forgot his camera at home and a trip to Barcelona went completely undocumented.

Harry is also planning to create website blog for his site, where he can write about some of the otherworldly people and cultures that he encounters on his travels.

In allowing him to make a website, the BlueVoda website builder has allowed Harry to keep in touch with his family in a way that they are proud of and makes them feel closer together despite the many, many miles of distance between them and both Harry, his family, friends and visitors thank the BlueVoda website builder for this opportunity in helping him create website.

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