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I used BlueVoda website builder to create my multimedia web site (I make videos and music) and it was a really big help. I’m aware of fairly basic web building techniques and using BlueVoda just made the whole process simple and a lot more creative. Before when I wanted to align text or an image I would just go with left centered or right and now with BlueVoda I can put my logos and text anywhere I want within a page. Want a background, pick it in a browse fashion and it’s there. Edit easy options. It’s all good. Insert pictures and move them around all over as you like. Okay, I didn’t build my site in 30 minutes like the website said … it took slightly longer … but if you’re super-familiar with this software I don’t see why you couldn’t build a simple website that quickly.

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I really liked that you can add video’s really create website easily too. I experimented with another web site builder and when it came time to add a streaming video I had real problems writing the script for the streaming player but when I tried the same thing here I didn’t have that problem at all. You can just add content as you see fit and it makes the whole process really easy.

I think you should try out BlueVoda or download it and use it to create one website. If you haven’t used anything like it before then it’s a huge step in the right direction to let you do the things you want your website to let you do.

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