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If you ask me about the best way to create website, I would vote for BlueVoda website builder without a doubt. BlueVoda website builder is rather the best way to go! I am into creative arts. I also teach creative arts and have a business of the same. I have been doing this work for many years now but in this new age, the need is to be at par with technology. I draw and sketch Tanjore paintings, glass paintings and much more related to arts. To promote my business furthermore, I decided to create website with the help of a website builder. I wanted to catch on with the rest of the crowd in the race of technology and showcase my art. First things first and aside from teaching, it was time for me to learn how to build a website. I had absolutely no idea on how to create website and have never had time since I had been so busy with my work. It needed a great website builder to learn how to build a website, a website builder which would help me to create website of my own.

I heard about BlueVoda which is said to be a marvel of a website builder and also assured to help me to create website. Once I got my hands on this website builder, I realized that it had some awesome video tutorials with which one can easily learn how to build a website on its own. I have heard about many website builders but most were too complex regarding learning how to build a website. Either you learned nothing or learning how to create website became too complex. I wanted to expand my business with the means of a website builder which would help me to create website. There were many people who wanted to reach out to me but were unable and this barrier would break if I create website as anyone could just search and there I would be, available for them anytime. I wanted to reach the clientele of those who are internet savvy and who search online even for their daily needs.

The features offered by this website builder are amazing and so very interactive. The customer support team is available all the time to help you.  Anywhere you are stuck, customer care is there to answer your questions.  Also, since I learned how to create website, I wanted to create website using my own designs for all those who wanted to get in touch with me could reach me more easily. BlueVoda website builder provided this amazing image library from where one can download hundreds of FREE logos, templates, webpage backgrounds and website headers. The best part was that the website builder was available to me free of cost to learn how to build a website. And it was all the more fun to create website as all I needed to do was to drag ‘n’ drop the icons on the working space.  Once I started to use this website builder, I realized I could not get anything simpler to create website. Since I am a creative person, I had so much fun to create website of my own. It was like a new venture with this website builder but as I learned how to build a website, it just got easier and exciting to create website.

A web hosting account is necessary if one wants to get the website function on the internet. When you are ready to publish your site using BlueVoda website builder you have to purchase web hosting through VodaHost. VodaHost offers great packages and very inexpensive! Once I got registered, with just one click my very own website was streaming live on the net. It was absolutely fantastic. My friends and family were surprised to see my website; some even thought that I had hired a professional website designer. It was such a great feeling! Initially there was not much activity but very soon responses started coming in and my clients contacted me very easily. I never thought that my website would make my clients happy.

My business has started growing after my website launched and I am so happy and extremely satisfied. And the best part is that now it has become my hobby to create website. Whenever I am free, I latch on to BlueVoda and start the magic. I teach everybody else now, how to design a website.  I have really enjoyed working with this website builder and for all those who plan to create a website can fearlessly choose BlueVoda website builder to learn how to build a website because BlueVoda is the best!

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