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I am a learning enthusiast. I want to learn new stuff all the time, and since we are living in a digital age, it was a bummer that I didn’t know how to create websites. Now, I may be a learner, but I have my limitations; which means, learning how to code was definitely off limits. I decided a website builder was the way to go. I tried a few, but every time, I got frustrated, and left the project midway. That’s until I found BlueVoda. It is the best website builder, hands down; the simplest solution that exists to create websites.

I didn’t exactly start with the software to begin with. I just downloaded their tutorials on how to create websites. After I had spent frustrating hours trying to build a website using other website builders, I thought tutorials were a good starting point. And I was actually right. The tutorials are so nicely done that I immediately downloaded the website builder software to get started.

I could actually create website with a single page within a couple of hours using this amazing website builder. And I was really happy with the variety of web templates and images that I had in my mind to create website; something that the other website builders out there don’t have. However, the cynical me was still not satisfied. I decided to try the website builder’s claim that you can actually create websites that are complex, multi-page online portals.

Since creating a single page website with the website builder was so much fun, I decided to give a complex portal a shot. It was still super easy to create website that is multiple pages, with plenty of interlinking.

In fact, the website builder by BlueVoda is so good that I am thinking of starting my own freelance website design business. I can easily create websites with the software and club that with web hosting too, since the website builder comes with packages for website hosting. And the website hosting is reliable. I have had websites up for quite some now and I haven’t experienced any downtime. There is so much to choose from with this website builder that you don’t really have an excuse to create website that’s not professional in terms of aesthetics, or even functionality.

Other than all of that, what really makes me happy about BlueVoda website builder is their support team. I haven’t had to contact the support team much to create website, since the tutorials are so detailed, and the software is really a cinch to use. However, on the rare occasion that I have actually felt the need for support, the team has been really responsive and patient.

To anyone who is looking for a viable, trustworthy solution out there to create website, I would really recommend this website builder. I have tried quite a few of them, and none of them stand up to the functionalities and ease of use offered by BlueVoda. It is point-to-click, drag and drop, with a really clean interface. Even if you have never interacted with technology before, like I never had, it is very simple to pick up.

You could actually create website within a matter of hours using the BlueVoda, which is great. I am thinking of trying out their shopping carts too. I have a lot of free time, and I have a good social circle online. So I think I can sell a lot of stuff online. The only thing that was stopping me was a website. Now, with this website builder, since I can design a website so easily, I am thinking I would start a small online store of my own. The website builder looks very stable, which means there shouldn’t be any security issues.

Once I have tried the shopping carts, I will post a testimonial again. But from what I have seen so far, I would really suggest anyone looking for an easy solution to create website to give BlueVoda a shot. It is really a straightforward way to create website, and there is a lot of free stuff that you get with it. Even with the paid stuff, there are no nasty last minute surprises, which is a welcome change from what a lot of other people are doing out there.

It easily beats a lot of competition out there that exists to create website. I am definitely sticking to BlueVoda, until something even better comes along, which seems unlikely.

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