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BlueVoda is surely the world’s Best Website Builder, for me at least. One of my favorite hobbies was  to design cards.  Initially my friends were irritated with me because instead of spending time with them, I used to get busy with my card designing. My family thought of me as a ‘good for nothing’ chap. They wanted me to do something worthwhile. But I was not made for business. I enjoyed playing with designs and colors with a dash of life. But in all this there was a tinge of disappointment as my family was not with me and it was not that lucrative. One day I was in deep thoughts, when my cousin stopped by. She looked at my designs and to my surprise was floored by them. She could not stop praising my designing skills. She told me that I should create website in order to promote my business.

I wanted to create website to expand my business and I was wondering how to create website when my cousin suggested about website creation with a website builder. I did not know how to create website and which website builder to use. So I searched the Internet and came across BlueVoda, and let me tell you it is an awesome website builder. I learnt how to create website and have never looked back ever since. I didn’t know that designing a website could be easier than this. They provided such lovely features which were so easy to use and anyone who does not know website creation can simply learn it with this website builder and create website with much simplicity.

I was initially wondering that though I had found a website builder which would help me create website, but how would I learn website creation? Then when I went through BlueVoda, I realized that they themselves teach you the A to Z of website creation and that too so simply. It was so much fun to work with this website builder as it teaches you everything, right from designing a website to publishing, which can be done with just a simple click. I had no need to learn HTML for website creation like my other so called professional friends as this website builder provided a Drag and Drop facility. One can just pick up from the large array of pre-created templates from within this website builder and create website of your taste.

BlueVoda not only teaches you about website creation but at the end of having designed a website, makes you feel like a pro. I have now been able to promote my cards online with the help of this website builder. One of my biggest challenges was that I didn’t know even a little bit about website creation and I wanted to create website of my own which would look and feel professional. But BlueVoda website builder helped me achieve my dream of designing a professional looking website. I now feel very proud to learn about website creation with the great and superb BlueVoda. The Best thing about BlueVoda is that its costs nothing to create website and to top it, learning website creation is a part of this software. When I initially decided to create website, I learnt that I would have to pay through the roof for the same anywhere else. But this website builder has taught me how to create website and do website creation free of cost and I have been able to create website of my dreams.

The customer support of BlueVoda is very friendly and professional and they are just a call away to take care of all my doubts. My family and friends were amazed to see my website. Being an artist, I already had a good understanding of colors and designs so I used my imagination skills to create website that was grand in appearance. However I had to purchase a web hosting account to bring the website live on the net. But it was not a very difficult task. BlueVoda only assisted me in getting an economical web host so it was perfect.

I am totally a fan of this website builder now and I tell all my friends as to how happy and satisfied I was with BlueVoda website builder as I was able to create website and become not only a very successful card designer but an equally successful website designer also. My family is so proud of me.  Really BlueVoda website builder is great!

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