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I am a student and entrepreneur, selling handmade accessories in my spare time to help pay for tuition. Two months ago, a friend suggested that I should start selling my products online to attract more customers and increase my income. Since I had no website where customers could visit to view my products, updates and order samples, I started searching for a website builder. Luckily, the same friend advised me to check out BlueVoda website builder. You see, I didn’t have much money to hire someone to create website for me and borrowing money from family or friends to pay a professional website designer to create website was out of the question. Keep in mind I had no idea how to create website, so I needed professional help. But the money I had saved since I started selling accessories was just enough to buy materials and not enough to hire someone to create website. Plus the professional fees of website designers were way out of my budget and some of the people I had spoken with were asking way too much money. So I was really thrilled to find out that I could have a website without paying a single cent, as this website builder allowed anyone interested to create website for free.

In fact, I was so astonished to realize that I could create website without HTML knowledge because of the website builder simplified formulas. Getting the software was also a breeze, as I just provided my name and email address to download the software to my computer. It was so easy that a 12-year-old kid can download the website builder and even create website of his or her own. Based on my experience with my first website, there is no doubt that a kid could create website in a day or two using BlueVoda website builder. Let me explain further so you can understand why this website builder is just simply amazing. This website builder is very easy to use especially with the drag and drop features of the software that make it possible for people without experience or knowledge in HTML web design to create website in just a few hours. By the way, it is certainly feasible to create website fast using the website builder since there are pre-designed templates to choose from where as anyone can create limitless web pages. Furthermore, the website builder has an image library that contains hundreds of logos, webpage backgrounds, website headers, and templates that users like me, can download and use for their website.

The best thing about this software is the video tutorials created for beginners. The videos cover everything that users need to know from building the website to publishing. In other words, every aspect of website building is tackled in the video tutorials that surely made my task even easier. I remember, I did have trouble using one of the features of the website builder, but after watching the video again, my problem was solved. You know what else I liked about the website builder, aside from the fact that I could create website fast and easily, their friendly and helpful support team. I guess, knowing that I have a support team to help me out whenever I am stuck is the reason why I decided to follow my imagination and let my creative side free to create website that rocks. I am not afraid to try out the different features of the website builder since I know that I can easily email for help at anytime I need assistance. I was able to create website without a problem and with all the tools I needed to further promote my products and make my business successful. After I was done building my site, with BlueVoda website builder, I had no trouble getting my website live as all I needed was to purchase a web hosting account with VodaHost. This was great because I didn’t have to search for a web hosting company and VodaHost has great packages.

When you want a hassle free publishing, I suggest you consider downloading this software to create website. I never had a problem using the software, and my three websites are evidence of this fact. No one would ever guess that my professional looking websites were created by an amateur, someone who has no formal education and experience in website designing. I am truly lucky to have a partner like BlueVoda website builder as I can create website again and again for my other business ideas.

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