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Website building can be really difficult for an amateur, especially if you have no idea about how to build a website. I am an artist and love to create different types of paintings, sculptures, and drawings. The problem is that I didn’t have sufficient funds to have my art works be viewed and for this reason I couldn’t get the exposure I was looking for.

One of my friends suggested that I should view and sell my pieces of art on my own website. I took this seriously and started to collect information regarding this issue. Since almost everything has moved online now, most all artists have to create a website for their portfolios these days. While I know a lot about design, I don’t have that much computer skills, so I knew I couldn’t create a website code on my own. I understood that if I could create a website according to my needs, I can easily get the exposure and this with help me a lot to earn some money. I contacted a website builder firm, but they asked for a huge amount of money to build my website. After that I decided to create a website without the help of professional website makers. But this seemed too tough for me to create a website. I wanted to find a website maker so that I could have my own site to show and sell my artwork and chat with fellow artist like myself. We are a dying breed you know!

The same friend told me of this free website maker software BlueVoda and also added that by using this website builder, I would have complete freedom in the future to do what I want with my site instead of paying a professional website maker every time.

I knew my way around a computer so downloaded the website builder software was quite quick and I was able to open the website builder application straight away. The main focal point of the website builder software was a WYSIWYG user panel and this is what I would use to create a website. Fortunately, I knew enough to go looking for a website builder that would take care of all that automatically, and the name BlueVoda came up very quickly. It seemed to have everything I wanted in a website maker, and their web hosting price was low enough for me to afford it, so I decided to take the plunge.

I was completely inexperienced with using a website maker to create a website, so I immediately watched all the videos that BlueVoda provides as soon as I got the website builder. I was extremely relieved to see how easy it would be to create a website with this website maker, and by the time I was finished with the videos I knew I would have no problems using the website builder to create a website like the ones I’d seen on other artists’ websites.

Being as an artist, I knew that I would eventually want to use my own designs in the website layout, but I didn’t have time for that initially, so with some trepidation, I looked to the premade templates that came with the website maker. To my surprise, the templates that came with the website builder were actually pretty good, and I was able to find one that fit with my portfolio without too much searching. I did eventually later create my own designs and use the website builder to create a website pages based around them, but those initial templates still were very impressive, especially given that BlueVoda provided them for free with the website builder.

Everything seemed straight forward and the website builder software meant that I did not need to know about HTML or CSS to create a website. All I needed to do was drag and drop images and insert the content. The free library of templates and logos that came with the website maker software was a great help.

With the help of the online tutorials on how to create a website, I managed to insert flash galleries which contained images of my paintings, sculptures and drawings. I was also able to add comment boxes so readers’ could voice their thoughts. I never imaged that using website builder software would make it so easy to create a website.

Within a week, I had built quite a comprehensive site with this website builder. I needed to get the opinion of a bystander before publishing it live though. I found lots of bystanders in the website builder forum that belonged to the company that had built the website maker software.

These individuals were also learning how to create a website using the website builder software. They were able to give me lots of hints and tips on using the website maker software to its best advantage. I also got an introduction into the world of SEO which was great as I had always wondered how people would find my site.

I’m very happy with the portfolio I created with this website maker. It was a really easy process to create a website that I needed to go with my artwork with this website maker. Using the website builder to create a website for my more recent pieces is even easier. Anyone could use this website maker to create a beautiful new webpage for just about any purpose. BlueVoda is definitely the best website builder for anyone who wants to set up a new website quickly, without having to mess with the technical stuff and to make a hole in your pocket.

The great part is that I signed up to the newsletter offered by the website maker and every so often, they send some more hints and tips on how to create a website and to keep updating it with new features to add. There is a lot to know to create a website but this website builder software makes it sound all so simple and easy to learn. If you need to create a website, then use this website maker before you think about employing a professional website maker. BlueVoda website builder has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars to create a website.

If you are interested about website development, you can check out this website maker and without no doubt this website builder software is going to help you in various ways. Take a look at the video tutorials that are available with this website builder and you will understand the features very easily. You can also take help from the active forum on their website. This is really a very active and helpful forum for any purpose. Whatever your problem is, just make a post there and you will receive helpful answers within a very short time. The support team at BlueVoda is always there to help in any way. They are the true professional website builders who help you in the process to create a website that you will be proud of that you do it on your own.

After using the website maker to create a website for my portfolio, I knew that I would have to get all that content up onto my site. I had never done this before; I got my web space with VodaHost just before I got the website builder, so it was literally blank before I used the website maker to upload all the pages I created onto the server. Telling the BlueVoda website maker to upload the content is even easier than using it to create a website; I don’t think it could’ve taken me more than a couple of minutes.

Honestly speaking this is an awesome website builder tool for any newcomer or expert. At the very beginning I didn’t understand the features of this website builder, but after watching the video tutorials, it really seemed too easy for anyone. I can now create a website within thirty minutes using this website builder. This website maker software requires no basic knowledge about how to create a website and you can easily create a website according to your needs with the help of this website maker. Most of the other website maker software requires basic knowledge about coding and designing, but you are able to create a website with this website maker without having any knowledge about coding and designing. This website maker software is really perfect for the amateur and you can create a website within an hour with the help of this website builder. Truly the best website maker of this decade and the most amazing part with this website builder is that it is totally free to use. You need not to spend a single penny to use this website maker. When I finished building my first website using BlueVoda website maker within no time at all, my friends loved the end result of my site.

I learned how to create a website with the website builder software a few months ago and published it to the World Wide Web shortly after. Every week though, I want to make changes and by using the website maker software, it is free and easy to do this. Who would have thought that I could create a website?

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