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I just used BlueVoda for creating my company’s website and I must say that it was an amazing experience. I have used other website builders in the past as well, but BlueVoda is different from all.  I found out that BlueVoda offered me the simplest platform to create website. It does not operate through an online browser like other website builders do. It is not just cost effective, but all it takes is just one simple download to create website.

It was just few steps that I had to take in order to create website within BlueVoda website builder. BlueVoda offers a wide range of tools which are available offline and is something that makes BlueVoda better than any other website builder to create website. The steps that I followed to create website with the website builder for my company were:

•    Size up the pages
•    Set up a background
•    Insert the texts
•    Insert the media (like Flash, YouTube)
•    Set up page properties
•    Link the website together

After this process, the simple FTP made it very easy for me to upload the website, which is the biggest advantage that I got. Overall, I found the entire platform of the website builder not only easy to use but also less time consuming. I was able to create website really simple.

I found that BlueVoda website builder is way too easy to use to create website. I think others who have used this website builder would also agree with the fact that to create websites has never been so easy. The simple File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was something that caught my attention the most. With this feature all my hard work was uploaded in no time. BlueVoda website builder offers more than hundred of free logos, templates, fonts to customize the website. From simple homepage to multi-page websites, BlueVoda helped me to create website of my own choice. Not just to create website but even after completing the task and uploading the website, I was able to edit it through the BlueVoda editor mechanism which I found was a real advantage.

Now, talking about the features BlueVoda website builder offers to create website, I think that the best feature is that one can include the common embedded media type such as Flash, QuickTime, YouTube, RealPlayer, and so on within the website…was quite handy. Along with this feature additionally BlueVoda website builder has another helpful feature that is easy access to the PayPal which worked out well for our company. For more e-commerce function one does not need to go online for searching different ways, through a customized toolbar the website creator can include the functions like quick pay, donations, online shopping, payments, and so on.

Another important feature of the website builder is that I think is revolutionary is the tutorial page, where I got thorough help to create website. I had some questions and I was able to post my query to the VodaTalk Support Forum and I got what I was looking for. There is also an option to apply for the Support Ticket and solve the problem later on. I took the help of this feature and was able to troubleshoot the problem in no time. Additionally, BlueVoda website builder is clean as it is proved to be spyware and adware free and one can create multiple websites through BlueVoda as there are no limitations for designing websites. I am really looking forward for other such assignment from my boss.

I was able to create the website for free, but in order to publish my company’s website I had to open an account with VodaHost which costs my company around $8.00 dollars per month, which is again quite affordable. Moreover, most of the media types like YouTube videos are embedded with VodaHost and so the media works in a smooth way. With its help building websites has become a lot easier and most cost efficient exercise for me.

As a whole BlueVoda is a most efficient yet simple way to create website. I was keen to use BlueVoda as it has offline mode along with wide variety of tools and free space for customizing the website and I, personally can say that it is the best website builder that I have come across. Easy customization and the ability to build a website even in the absence of internet connection have made BlueVoda my favorite partner to create website. Overall BlueVoda website builder provides the best yet simple way to create website. I would definitely give it full marks and am looking forward to work with it in the future.

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