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I learned to create website  totally by accident. Through a study of SEO I had become interested in affiliate marketing. I knew that I needed a website to be successful at it but every quote I had received from companies to create website run into hundreds of dollars. This aspect, together with promoting the new website, meant it would have been at least a year, at least, before I made any profit. I decided that I needed to learn how to make a website myself.

All the instructions manuals that I came across on how to make a website spoke about html and other complicated terms that I did not understand at the time. Again I was up against a brick wall as I figured I could never learn how to make a website quickly by learning html. Then one day whilst surfing the net I noticed a blog post that said “The best website builder.” Eager to find out more I read on; it was a top five list and number one was the BlueVoda website builder. The blog post gave hints and tips on how to make a website but recommended the BlueVoda website builder as it took all the hassle out of trying to create website because you did not need to learn any html. Apparently it did it all for you.

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I quickly hurried to their website as it dawned on me that I was finally going  to be able to create website. The create website software was free so within five minutes I had downloaded it and sat there with a blank website page and many features in front of me. This was great and learning how to make a website had suddenly become a great hobby at the same time.   Even better was that there was a fully comprehensive list called the BlueVoda Website builder video tutorials and these really helped me to make one of the best websites I have ever seen. All the website builder tutorials are screen shots in a video so you can create website at your own pace and leisure.

The BlueVoda website builder also included a full image, template and logo gallery so I could create website as if a pro web designer had done it.  I was also able to create website with state-of-the-art menu bars and moving image galleries that would really grab my customers attention. How to make a website has become as easy as learning the alphabet.

What really impressed me, though, was throughout my experience I knew that on-page SEO was important when you were starting to create website. Without it the hope of being ranked highly in Google is almost zilch. The BlueVoda website builder teaches you how to set up your meta tags and keywords, how to link your pages together, and also how to create a site map. Not only do you lean how to make a website but you also learn how to promote it at the same time.

All the facilities that are on BlueVoda website builder prevent me from having to sign up to different websites to take advantages of services such as implementing videos and PayPal. I have saved so much time simply because the BlueVoda website builder is easy to use and has every feature in-house, so to speak. I can honestly say that I have learned how to make a website in the easiest way possible.

The total time, from learning how to make a website to publishing it, was a week and already some income is starting to flow in. I am page three of Google and with a little bit more work I’m sure I will be on page one. I was able to create website because of the BlueVoda website builder and I did it all just for the cost of hosting. If you want total control over your own business and need to learn how to make a website then definitely download the BlueVoda website builder today. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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