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The extremely powerful and convenient website builder

The BlueVoda website builder is an extremely powerful, yet extremely convenient HTML editor that can empower even a novice with knowledge and skills regarding how to build a website very quickly, even in minutes.  It also enables the user to create the most intricate and distinct website design ever. Moreover, this website builder helps users to find out how to build a website without having to apply any programming skills of any kind. This website design program also offers an FTP client that can be used to upload all the web pages and all the images to the host’s servers, which are with VodaHost. Hence the users are no more required to use any third-party application to put up websites or website design they create. Hence the BlueVoda website builder and its hosting, VodaHost, make quite a resourceful pair for making and hosting your website design, development and hosting a much easier proposition than ever before.

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With the BlueVoda website builder it is actually possible to learn how to build a website and create a website design simply by dragging and dropping text and images with the help of the built-in html code editor, and hence find out how to build a website in minutes. All that users need to do while on their how to build a website venture is customize the elements as they wish. The website builder also enables the users to create elements like login features along with sign up forms and password recovery systems in case they are aiming to use the PHP forms on the web pages of the site for which they create the website design.  In fact the BlueVoda website builder doesn’t just show the users how to build a website but also create a web shop within the website design in the familiar drag-and-drop fashion only. Some of the other additional features of the website builder are that it has a built-in spell-check system, a self alignment tool and a link verifier as well. All these tools help to ensure that each of the web pages in your website design are absolutely error free. Other than that there are numerous free web templates available on the BlueVoda website builder site along with effective video tutorials that can help in the creation of website design with an edge and solve all queries with regards how to build a website.

On the other side of this magical duo is the VodaHost which is one of the most highly trusted and reputed web hosting providers at the Internet that is the BlueVoda website builder’s own hosting service. The dual service combines speed, value and consistency with a one of its kind customer service that is excellent at teaching people how to build a website.

Some of the distinct elements offered by VodaHost are:

•    Unlimited amount of data transfer every month

•    An unconstrained amount of disk space

•    No charges for first domain transfer or registration

•    Unlimited number of website and domain names for every account

•    A limitless number of matching email accounts

•    Inclusion of affiliate program software within this website builder program to answer queries of how to build a website

•    PHP, CGI and MySQL with unlimited databases for the specific needs of the how to build a website process

•    Multiple shopping carts and merchant accounts for the website design and the website that is created

•    Digital Delivery System of the entire website builder tool

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